Walgreens Couponing

I am new to the serious coupon world. And while I dont consider myself and extreme couponer like the TLC Show. That is where I heard about the Krazy Coupon Lady and I now follow her on Facebook.

KCL has great tips on how to start a coupon binder and how to organize your coupons. 

I had actually started couponing about 2 years ago and got my binder and my inserts.

  I did it for all of probably a month and then stopped. In my defense this was the same time I bought my house and was temporarily homeless while waiting to close on it so all my life was in a 8X10 storage unit.

Think of how depressing that was to think everything I owned fit in that small space.


I have been reading the KCL info and I have a subscription to my local paper. I also have a work BFF that sits next to me and we do our binders together and trade our coupons so we can each get what the other might not want or use. It is really great actually because sometimes it means I end up with 2 or 3 of the same coupon and have only paid for one paper.

Now why would you want 2 or 3 of the same coupon? So when you find an item on sale you can combine the store sale possibly a store coupon and the manufacturer coupon to get the best price!

At Kroger the other day I was able to do that and I got salad dressing for 19 cents a bottle! I got great flavors that can be used for marinade and classic ranch that be used all the time.

Today I made out at Walgreens 

Two weeks ago I bought a Gillette Pro Glide Razor for $9.99 with a $4 manufacturer coupon and $5 register rewards (to be used on another purchase of a different item) That meant my razor was less than a dollar!
I bought several other items, including 3 things of suncreen and mints and floss and I spent $12 and had $9 in RR (register rewards).

My rewards expired today so I had to use them. I left my Walgreens ad at work, so I just pulled it up online to plan. I had to check out twice to make sure I was able to get another razor RR.

Today this is what my receipts looked like:

So I spent $13 but got another $7 in RR. and while you can read all the things I bought... this is what it looks like:

I got: 
  • 2 Jimmy Dean Breakfast Bowls
  • 2 boxes Jimmy Dean Breakfast Sandwiches
  • 1 Colgate 360 toothbrush
  • 3 16oz Ajax liquid dish soap
  • 2 Betty Crocker Yellow Cake mixes
  • 1 Gillette Pro Glide Razor
  • 1 Edge Shaving Gel.

Not a bad trip, if I say so myself. $13.61 spent, $29.69 saved, and received $7 in RR 

Do you coupon? What is your coupon method? What stores do you frequent? Do you have a crazy coupon stock pile?