Listening for Lip Gloss

I love lip gloss. Many women do and so in order for me to reach some of my business goals of having people listen... I bribe them... with lip gloss.

I did meet my June goal for getting 6 people to listen... so that means I have 4 lip glosses that need to be shipped out (two are local). I was trying to decide how would I efficiently send this out with as little cost to me as possible and still make sure my listeners are receiving a package they can look forward to that matches the quality of the other packages I send out.

So I am going to share my lip gloss shipping secrets! you could use it for other stuff too I guess <wink>

Things to gather so you dont have to run around and gather as your go like I did
  • Scissors 
  • Pen
  • Tissue paper
  • Brown postal paper or a recycled grocery bag
  • Packing peanuts
  • Jello/Pudding really just the boxes
  • Another random empty box  I used a fruit by the foot box
So my lip gloss shipping secret starts with the box... Jello/Pudding boxes are the perfect size! Even if you dont eat jello or pudding you cant beat the price when you can find it on sale for sometimes 33¢ each!

So why the extra box? Well I didnt make 3 boxes of jello and a box of pudding today.

So carefully, so not to puncture the bag, label it. I didnt need the instructions because I have more boxes in the pantry, but knowing the flavor before opening it helps. Once labeled they go into extra box and back into the pantry.

Now I take an empty jello/pudding box and I put peanuts down the side of the box until it is about half full.

Then I cut tissue paper to fit my Lip Gloss and I put it in the box with the gloss against the peanuts so the extra tissue fills the void in the box.

Put in any extra peanuts to make it snug! I taped the box closed on both sides.

IMPORTANT STEP!: label the box with whose lip gloss it will be. Once everything is wrapped there is no way to tell them all apart!

I was able to get all four wrapped from one strip of paper!

Then I wrap the boxes with brown paper. I did this one at a time and labeled the boxes with my MK labels so they wouldnt get mixed up again at all.

Now my listeners are getting their lip gloss in a box that is perfect size. Not too expensive to ship and still resembles all the other packages I send in regards to the tissue paper and the label!

I love something to look forward to in the mail!

I also use random boxes like this at christmas time for all types of items. How do you usually wrap stuff?

Legal Disclaimer:
**In no way is this post an advertisement for Mary Kay, Inc. or any of their products, nor is it endorsed by Mary Kay, Inc. The goal and purpose of this post is to share my ideas on how I present products. 
However, if you do want to shop me online: you can do it here.