Felt Fortune Cookies How-to

Graduation is upon us. Yesterday was my little sister's high school graduation party. When I was trying to decide what type of favors to do I was also blog hopping around.
Over at Something Created Everyday I found a simple how to for Fabric Fortune Cookies. I commented wondering if they could be made from felt instead of fabric and fusible webbing. 
Well a quick Google search showed that Martha Stewart already had this idea.

I read some people's comments and I had to agree...it seemed like Martha was adding in some extra steps and time to the process.
While I in no way created the wheel with this one, I thought I would show you how did it.
There are what I would consider lots of pictures for one how to. 
Please let me know if you think there are too many.
  • Felt
  • Matching Pipe cleaner
  • Hot glue gun
  • Sissors for felt and another pair for cutting pipe cleaner
  • Circle for tracing
  • Pen
  • Fortunes
  • Stamps optional

1.     I purchased felt sheets from my local craft store. I found them for 29cents each and was able to get 6 cookies from each sheet. You could make them any color, for any occasion, or any size. I went traditional.

2.     Cut your felt into circle. This was fancy...I used a plastic cup (like the red ones from college) and a pen. Traced the cup, cut it out.

3.     I typed up fortunes and put them into a spreadsheet program. I made 30. I set the size for the cells to be what I would consider fortune size. When printing, print the grid lines so you can get straighter lines. I used a paper cutter to make it go faster. I picked my fortunes from inspirational quotes, to movie quotes, to just funny stuff.

4.     Fortunes always have lucky numbers... so in red I stamped the date of the graduation on the back. I found this stamping set at my craft store. Used my 50% off coupon and got it for $10! I already love it

5.     Cut the pipe cleaners to be just shorter than the circle and hot glue them to the middle of the circle. After the hot glue has dried, line your fortune up with the pipe cleaner. as shown.

6.     Fold the bottom of the circle up and then fold it again so you have a triangle.

7.     Place the triangle standing up on the folds.

8.     With the opening of the "V" away from you fold back the top to achieve the "cookie look"

You might need to re pinch together the cookies after you do this. 
Presto chango! you have a felt fortune cookie! If you made them bigger they could hold money or candy or any number of things. They could be used for valentines day, or Chinese new years like the sites mentioned above talk about.

My sister's friends loved them and got a laugh at all the fortunes that were used.

Happy Crafting!