6 Thank You Note Tips

Thank you cards are a dying form of appreciation... let's try to change that!

Writing thank you notes is something you dont see very often any more unfortuantly.

There are some events where ettiquette says you should write them and people still do in some cases.
These events are most commonly weddings. However, outside of weddings it is like many people have forgotten how wonderful it is to get something in the mail that isnt a bill!

A thank you note is a magical thing that shows someone that you appreciate them and you took time to let them know it.

I have recently received some thank you notes and I try to send out thank you notes for different reasons regularly myself so I decided 6 Tips for Successful Thank You Noting is appropriate.

6.     Look for opportunities to send thank you notes. These are all great reasons to send a card:
  • Wedding
  • Graduation
  • Birthday
  • Christmas
  • House Warming
  • Baby Shower
  • Did a favor ex: helped move, mowed the yard, ride to/from the airport
5.     TY cards are not only for gifts! If you received a card on any one of those events, thank the card givers too.

4.     If you got a gift card let the giver know what you plan on using it for. That allows even a gift card to be personal.

3.     Personalize the message in the TY card based on what you received. Kids are not too young to learn the importance of a TY note. Have them get involved with this too!

2.    Send your TY cards out in a timely fashion. Weddings and Baby showers typically have an extended period of time due to new babies and honeymoons being involved...but other events... no more than a month at the very latest!

1.    Spell the person's name correctly! in this digital age, there are plenty of ways to check a name's spelling...or you can look at the card/gift you initially received.

Above all else... remember...the thought is what counts! So even if you dont follow these tips most people, myself included, will still be glad you took the time to write a note and pay for postage.

These 6 tips allow you to become more genuine in your thank you note giving. I personally believe very highly in thank you notes. I try to send them out any time I have a customer sale or appointment. I also try to send them out for all the above listed events. Does it happen every time? No... but you try your best to make sure the people in your life you love know it no matter what and that can be done in many ways.

Do you write thank you notes? Do you keep them on hand or go buy them for each event?