DIY Saturday- Dresser

I'm am tickled with how this dresser came out.

This was not an original idea but one discovered!

Project: Dresser-spray paint redo
Cost:$30 depends on the dresser mostly
Difficulty: Easy
Time: 1-1.5 hours +dry time
  • Piece of furniture needing a redo
  • Lace
  • At least two colors paint I used both spray paint
  • Newspaper 
  • Sandpaper and wood filler optional

Things to remember when you are trying to re-purpose something... See past its current state!
This lovely piece was found at Goodwill... with all brand new brushed nickle knobs! and it was only $20!

new knobs cut the price of this refinish to almost nothing.

Once I got the piece home I sanded it a bit and filled some gaps and edges with wood filler.

I choose to do the whole project in spray paint to lessen dry time. Because of this the places that have wood filler are still a little noticeable after painted because the texture is different. If you use a standard paint for your base the wood filler wouldnt be noticed. 

My house has mostly dark brown woods. So espresso spray paint it is. I painted the drawers and the whole dresser. Only used a can and a half.

note: hindsight... reversing the color of the drawers would have allowed the pattern in my lace to be the accent color instead of the reverse... but I still love it!

Next I placed a piece of lace over the drawer and sprayed my accent color. I went rather heavy on my accent color. You can make out the drawers that are lighter in the after picture... both look great to me!

(a lace camisole for $2 from goodwill. I cut up one seam and cut off the chest section and was left with one long section)

I let that sit for about 5 minutes and when I pulled it off... I was wowed!

(do you see what I mean about the reverse color? my flowers would have been pink instead of brown)

I choose to use the same section of lace for each drawer so they would look similar. You dont have to, use your imagination.... the possibilities are endless. Think of how awesome multiple colors would look!

I use my dresser for an entry table/storage area for MK product and it is the perfect size and was the perfect cost.

Tips to learn from:
  • Cover your ground area where you are spraying more than I did... I now have spray paint marks on my sidewalk.
  • Look at your lace to decide your base color before you start
  • Dont leave your furniture outside if it might be pooped on by birds this didnt happen to me... because I brought it in
  • Always spray paint in well ventilated areas and dress in appropriate DIY clothing
  • You can keep the spray-painted lace for another project!
I want to see what you come up with a make... Link it up!