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Making Gifts look awesome!

As I adventure into the land of Mary Kay for the morning I wanted to share with you a little note about how I make my purchases pretty.

You may remember my fleece elephant. I made two. One went to my niece and the other to Erin over at Team Slocum

Well included in the gift to Erin I sent a pedicure set. Something ever new mom needs, right?

So it got all wrapped up in a nice bag and the Elly-phant got it too. The one my niece got had nice wrapping, even though it wasnt being shipped.
There is a picture of both of them. Arent they pretty.
My regular MK products also get pretty wrapping, so it always feels like you are getting a gift. That is my goal at least.

Depending on the product sometimes it is a simple bag like the first picture, other times I use more cellophane.
So where do I get this awesome cellophane and these great bags?
Glad you asked!
I love them! I first started out just order cellophane and the Mesh Ribbon but the next order I placed I had to get the self sealing bags and the random selection of bags too!
Well I am here to share with you a coupon code!!!!
That will get you 10% off your order when you enter that at check out!
I would love to know what you get and how you use it.
Legal Disclaimer:
**In no way is this post an advertisement for Mary Kay, Inc. or any of their products, nor is it endorsed by Mary Kay, Inc. The goal and purpose of this post is to share my ideas on how I present products. 
However, if you do want to shop me online: you can do it here.


Did the house get finished?

Of course it did silly people!

Not sure what I’m talking about? Go back and see the chaos.
All this completion happened with the help of some great people in my life!
First all that stuff had to go somewhere… So I put up a shed (if you thought i was going to get rid of it… LOL you dont know me well) 

Shed Helpers:
-Mom manual labor
-David manual labor
-Carl manual labor
-Shannon lent me his drill
-Brittany used her truck to pick up the shed
-Neighbor Guy moved heavy, boxed shed into my backyard from the truck bed

Once the house was clean of junk things I cant live without or find a place to keep, I was able to start working on the walls and floors of the back room.
Wall and Floor Helpers:
-Hannah edge painting
-David more manual labor
-Brittany painting the walls
-Al installing the wood floors

on a side note… Al actually lives 3 hours away! He came in town for the weekend and worked on my floors and installed my microwave over my oven for me. I love him. one of my best cousins ever! There is no doubt in my mind that without him my house would still not have flooring.

After that fun stuff was done my mom and my sister helped me clean everything up and move furniture so that I could get ready for party stuff.
The next few blogs in this series will go over the food I had planned on making, what I actually made, projects I made, decorations for the house.


Finish it Friday- Parking on Paint

Today is once again Finish it Friday!
Don’t you hate it when you get started telling a story and something happens and you get cut short. That is kinda what this is. On Wednesday I host a Wordless Wednesday Whirl.
A caption-less picture. A story only half told. I hope that as readership and comments grow Finish it Friday will become an opportunity to highlight captions created by readers on the Wednesday post in addition to sharing with you the story behind the picture.

This week’s picture is here.

Of course the WWW had to fit into the AIW theme.

At the local high school one of the ways they raised money for the senior class was selling parking spots. The spots got to be decorated to be distinct and personal.

So my sister and I went out on a hot day before school started and sat in the parking lot and painted.

here is an action shot

Senior year flew by! My little sister is about to start college this fall. I wont be right down the road when she needs me. But more importantly what about when I need her. I look around and there is a lot in my life that isn’t complete without my sister. Who would have ever thought having someone grow up would be so hard. 
Come back tomorrow for more of the AIW info! I know yesterday I said I would post follow up pictures today, but back to back softball games wore me out. So Sat… that is when there will be more AIW info.

More parking spot pictures:



Apryl is Blogging! – Visit and say hello!

My sister is going off to college and she has started blogging. YAY.

Now I can comment and follow!

Go over and say hello to her and welcome her to an interactive blogging world.

Apryl Can Talk


AIW Party Time Planning

I am a proponent for a good plan. You might have picked up on that when reading today’s earlier post and I mentioned I started planning for the April birthday party in November.

In my own defense, it was 18! That is a big birthday and considering I have thrown my sister theme parties for the past few years I had to make sure this was the best. Maybe she will chime in with her opinion of whether it was compared to others I have thrown for her.

They will each has a set dedicated to them, the past themes include Pirate and Hawaiian.

Another reason I had to start planning soooo early was that my house wasn’t finished yet. What does that mean? It means that I did not have a dinning room table, and I had a whole room that had concrete floors and unfinished walls.

I would like to say that with so much time I was able to finish everything well before the party deadline.  SMH. With less than three weeks before the party my back room and dining room looked like this:

It’s horrible, uh! I would like to say I had just moved in… but I had lived in my house more than a year at this point and quickly coming up on two. As you can see I had bought the wood floors, but I didn’t want to put them in until I finished the walls.

I’ll show you tomorrow what the rooms look like finished and I will tell you more about my party planning.


Thankful Thursday- Resale Shops!

Without Resale shops and Goodwill I wouldn’t have been able to acquire so many great tea pots!

Now why would anyone need so many tea pots and tea cups… well silly, you must not be reading regularly!

It is okay, you can get caught up by going and reading about the AIW theme that is currently going on.
Now Goodwill, once a month, has a half off day! That is when I was able to score most of the pots. Truthfully, it was over the course of a few months and a few trips to the three different Goodwills around me. Considering I started planning an April birthday in November, I had time.

Now the tea cups… I got a steal on those! There is a local resale shop that profits a battered women’s shelter and they have the best stuff, the best sales, AND they mail me coupons! So I go there often. I have all kinds of things in my house I have rescued from there in order to help them rescue women. like my shopping justification there. yeah me too *grin*

It is great to remember the little things in life that make you happy more regularly than only in November!

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Apryl in Wonderland Begins

Growing up my sister, Apryl, loved Alice in Wonderland. We had a hard back copy that had both Alice in Wonderland and the Looking Glass in one cover.

She liked them before it was commercialized to what it has become now. My sister is a free spirit who often finds bands and music and good books before they become main stream and instead of feeling like the world is sharing what she loves she often seems frustrated by the things becoming mainstream. Perhaps because they lose that secrecy she first had with it.

 I asked her, for the purpose of this blog, what did she like about Alice in Wonderland when growing up. Her response was more than I could have asked and to summarize it would cause you to miss out on the uniqueness that is my sister.

“Because it has levels. Shallow it is purely chaotic, and if I were in the mood for a fun read I could read about playing croquet with flamingos. Deeper, it is poetic. “The time has come, the walrus said” and so forth. And deeper , it is an Allegorical story. When I was little I liked it for the first level. And as I grew up, I grew into the other levels, fell down the rabbit hole.”

Due to this love of following the rabbit and falling down the rabbit hole, we celebrated her birthday in true AIW style.

Tomorrow will start a series of AIW themed posts.

if reading my sister’s synopsis of the book and why she liked it didn’t make you want to pick it up and discover it for yourself… you might be someone who hates reading. :-p


Wordless Wednesday Whirl #6

Cant wait to see your Wordless Wednesday… what would you say about my picture?


Free Address Labels

When you find a product you like it only seems natural to tell people about it. That is exactly what I have been doing for the last few weeks after finding and using Vista Print.
 I’ve mentioned before that I have a business, well that means I need business cards and all types of other things. Postcards are my favorite. Vista Print, after signing up and ordering something sent me so many great FREE product offers.

Now I know that sounds hinky, but really, my best friend and my aunt have heard about how I was able to choose not just 1 free offer but, like 5 and I only had to pay shipping.

That meant I was able to order, for my best friend just starting a business, business cards, thank you post cards, product labels (address labels), a car decal, and myself a self stamping label. Before shipping I spent $5!!! with shipping for all those items it was only $20!

My tip: have someone else proof your stuff too… I didnt and ended up having to reorder the post cards because of a spelling error

Do you see what I spelled wrong. Silly me…. 
But arent they cute! they came out so great. And that was using the images they provide.
If you are interested in signing up and taking advantage of free stuff do it below:
Edit: The offer expired so i deleted its link… but see below

Think outside the box… address labels can be used for all kinds of things:
-”This book Belongs to…”
-Envelope seals
-Product Labels
-Gift Tags
this offer is only for 4 more days. so dont dally.  Edit: This offer is now over. But they still over great deals all the time. Look at this greta deal that is still going on!

valid until 5/18/2012


Being a Rockstar at the Gas Station!

Have you ever gotten into a new car, or a friends car and needed to put gas in it and then looked silly because you pull up to the pump and the cap is on the opposite side?

Well never again!

Today’s DIY Saturday isnt anything that will cost you money… instead it is knowledge!

I am sharing with you a gas cap secret. One I have known a many a moon, but I guess isn’t such common knowledge.

See that white arrow on the left of the gas pump simple? I am pointing at it with the pink arrow I drew… that little white arrow is in your car too! and it is also next to the gas pump image. 
The arrow is telling you what side of the car the gas cap/ location to put gas in your car is! So this means my car, has the gas cap on the driver’s side.
Don’t believe me? Go look for yourself in your car. Now you can be a Rockstar and never pull up to the pump on the incorrect side.