Apryl in Wonderland Begins

Growing up my sister, Apryl, loved Alice in Wonderland. We had a hard back copy that had both Alice in Wonderland and the Looking Glass in one cover.

She liked them before it was commercialized to what it has become now. My sister is a free spirit who often finds bands and music and good books before they become main stream and instead of feeling like the world is sharing what she loves she often seems frustrated by the things becoming mainstream. Perhaps because they lose that secrecy she first had with it.

 I asked her, for the purpose of this blog, what did she like about Alice in Wonderland when growing up. Her response was more than I could have asked and to summarize it would cause you to miss out on the uniqueness that is my sister.
"Because it has levels. Shallow it is purely chaotic, and if I were in the mood for a fun read I could read about playing croquet with flamingos. Deeper, it is poetic. "The time has come, the walrus said" and so forth. And deeper , it is an Allegorical story. When I was little I liked it for the first level. And as I grew up, I grew into the other levels, fell down the rabbit hole."
Due to this love of following the rabbit and falling down the rabbit hole, we celebrated her birthday in true AIW style.

Tomorrow will start a series of AIW themed posts.

if reading my sister's synopsis of the book and why she liked it didn't make you want to pick it up and discover it for yourself... you might be someone who hates reading. :-p