Post Cruise Lessons: Use the Safe

I know I have been out of the loop and away for a while. I was trying to compile all the different things that I had learned while on the cruise and I will put together a list post later with them.

At the moment I am just ranting. About what?

The fact that when I checked my account balances today on one of my cards, there were charges I did not place there... in a city... wait... a state I dont live in.

And it isnt a store I purchased something from online or anything like that.

I called my company and they told me there are several pending charges that did not go through because the balance could no support them ( I have my account set up to not allow overdrafts but to decline transactions that are not supported by the balance)

I know that saved my rear!

There were pending transactions from Target and two other stores the day I came back from the cruise before a transaction (three actually) went through from Staples. Two of the exact same amount and the third of less than $20. Leaving my account drained save $80.

My card company told me that one of the transactions was even verified with the last three numbers on the back of my card... so this means it wasnt just that fancy scanny machine people warn you about that steals your number... this was someone writing my information down!

I called the police department to file a report and the lady told me it has happened to her multiple times and she no longer hands her card over while in the drive threw because it has happened more than once like that to her!

So how do I think this happened?

One day on the cruise I used said card at the atm, it then did not go back into the same place in my wallet as my other cards. My wallet was either with me or zipped in a pocket in my bag during all times of the cruise.

Cruise lesson of the day.... even if your stuff is in your bag out of site... still use the safe that is provided... catch 22 about the safe... you need a credit card (not your ship card) to use it and to open it late, the safe remembers you magnetic strip. I vote you bring your library card or your kroger card.

breath. 1. 2. 3. okay. I have also contacted the cruise line regarding this. We will see what they say.