Blogging BFF

Blogging is not journaling. And those that think it is, havent done it. A journal is something you dont spell check that is full of half nonsense rambling of thoughts that you then hide under your matteress in the hopes no one finds them because it is private.

Newsflash this is the internet and nothing is private. So your spell check should be on (which I have to watch closely... because I am a horrible speller) and you have to stay focused and keep your content honest but not mean.

I have been honored to have a great blog friend and friend outside the internet in Brittany. You can find her at Ramblings of a Diva. She describes herself on her About Me page as:  An opinionated blond with the temper of a red head, a high IQ and not as much common sense as I would like.
While the name of her blog sounds like it goes against my soapbox on blogging it doesnt. She is a Rambling Warrior !
What is a Rambling Warrior? A rambling warrior pledges to be a blogger who is not afraid to post what they feel. ... We are not mean, we are honest. We are not out to hurt anyone, we are simply stating the facts.  


SEE! That means she is the epitome of what we strive for when blogging... that honest truth that is found in a journal with out the meanness that needs it to be hidden under the mattress. 

She is very social and LOVES social networking, so hook up with her on Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest

She has some summer goals...
End Date: September 22rd, 2011 (The last day of summer)
Twitter Goal: 500 Followers
Facebook Fan Page Goal: 250 “likes”
Pinterest Goal: 100 Followers
If she can reach them... she will be coloring her hair the choice of her fans/readers/followers whatever term you would like to use.  (my choice is PINK!!!!)

Brittany and I have been friends since high school, and there arent many people I can say that about. I am still acquaintances with many people I have known over the years. But when it comes to a phone call where I am near panic because my house is in dis-are/semi-construction zone and I am throwing a party for more than 30 people in less than 30 days and I ask for help... Brittany not only said she would help. She did.

And it isnt like she sits around twiddling her thumbs, she has a busy life, with 3 kids, a husband, and many pets. She is a volunteer at the animal shelter and has many causes that are close to her heart and she shows it by giving her time.

I am honored to have her as a friend and she consistently reminds me of what  great blogger looks like. In addition, she is an example of a patient, involved parent that manages her time well.

Thank you Brittany for being a great friend.

on a side note... have you ever written a blog post and then realized it was all jumble nonsense and so you save it as a draft and start again... lol... this was the start again version. Happy Sunday.