Cruise Countdown- 2 days

SO CLOSE! This evening two of the five cousins will be flying in... that means four of the five will be in TEXAS!

My cousins will get to see my house for the first time and we will be all five together for the first time in forever!

In case you have missed it... I am going on a cruise and I am currently in the middle of a Cruise Countdown Series!
Each day I have posted a gift the cousins can expect to recieve when they get here.

So what will it be today?!

Everyone is asking for pictures.... so we need a waterproof camera... but why one?! We each need one! so FIVE it is!

on top of this I will have my digital camera for all non water and sand events... the digital camera will not be leaving the boat lol

At the end of the cruise all cameras will be staying with me for developing and such.

If you arent excited yet... then i dont know what I need to do for tomorrow to get you there?!

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