Cruise Countdown- 5 days

What does that mean?!

It means the cousins have some gifts to look forward to receiving when they get here!

For each of the 5 days countdown... there is a gift that will be brought on cruise. Most are practical... this is me we are talking about.

So what is day 5's gift?

These are for Summer, Michelle and Theresa to choose between. Apryl and I got new luggage tags about a month ago and that is what gave me the idea.

So I hope the excitement is building... I know I am getting very excited. I am off to work on my tan.

Happy 4th of July everyone. I hope you have a safe day, you remember why we have these days and what they mean. And also remember that only you can prevent a forest fire... so for those here in Texas... it is hot and a burn ban is on... dont mess with Texas by lighting it on fire while you're having fun.