Being a Rockstar at the Gas Station!

Have you ever gotten into a new car, or a friends car and needed to put gas in it and then looked silly because you pull up to the pump and the cap is on the opposite side?

Well never again!

Today's DIY Saturday isnt anything that will cost you money... instead it is knowledge!

I am sharing with you a gas cap secret. One I have known a many a moon, but I guess isn't such common knowledge.

See that white arrow on the left of the gas pump simple? I am pointing at it with the pink arrow I drew... that little white arrow is in your car too! and it is also next to the gas pump image. 

The arrow is telling you what side of the car the gas cap/ location to put gas in your car is! So this means my car, has the gas cap on the driver's side.

Don't believe me? Go look for yourself in your car. Now you can be a Rockstar and never pull up to the pump on the incorrect side.