AIW Party Time Planning

I am a proponent for a good plan. You might have picked up on that when reading today's earlier post and I mentioned I started planning for the April birthday party in November.

In my own defense, it was 18! That is a big birthday and considering I have thrown my sister theme parties for the past few years I had to make sure this was the best. Maybe she will chime in with her opinion of whether it was compared to others I have thrown for her.

They will each has a set dedicated to them, the past themes include Pirate and Hawaiian.

Another reason I had to start planning soooo early was that my house wasn't finished yet. What does that mean? It means that I did not have a dinning room table, and I had a whole room that had concrete floors and unfinished walls.

I would like to say that with so much time I was able to finish everything well before the party deadline.  SMH. With less than three weeks before the party my back room and dining room looked like this:

It's horrible, uh! I would like to say I had just moved in... but I had lived in my house more than a year at this point and quickly coming up on two. As you can see I had bought the wood floors, but I didn't want to put them in until I finished the walls.

I'll show you tomorrow what the rooms look like finished and I will tell you more about my party planning.