Thankful Thursday- The Gym

Life has not been so fantastic lately. But that isnt what Thursday is about. It is about refocusing on the things in life I am happy for and the things that are in my control to change.

 So what can I control? What am I thankful for at the moment?

The gym. I can control what I eat, both healthy and unhealthy. I can control whether I make time for the gym or excuses of why not to go.

I have been to the gym twice this week and that is the first visits consistently since November. 

The month of progress I made when working out previously is all gone. But not to be discouraged... life falls apart and I cannot always control that but I can make good choices when it comes to my health.

Do I love the gym... no not really. Half the time I barely enjoy it, but that isnt the point.. the point is I am ready for a change and I am the only person who can make it.

It is great to remember the little things in life that make you happy more regularly than only in November!

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