Did the house get finished?

Of course it did silly people!

Not sure what I'm talking about? Go back and see the chaos.

All this completion happened with the help of some great people in my life!

First all that stuff had to go somewhere... So I put up a shed (if you thought i was going to get rid of it... LOL you dont know me well) 

Shed Helpers:
-Mom manual labor
-David manual labor
-Carl manual labor
-Shannon lent me his drill
-Brittany used her truck to pick up the shed
-Neighbor Guy moved heavy, boxed shed into my backyard from the truck bed

Once the house was clean of junk things I cant live without or find a place to keep, I was able to start working on the walls and floors of the back room.

Wall and Floor Helpers:
-Hannah edge painting
-David more manual labor
-Brittany painting the walls
-Al installing the wood floors

on a side note... Al actually lives 3 hours away! He came in town for the weekend and worked on my floors and installed my microwave over my oven for me. I love him. one of my best cousins ever! There is no doubt in my mind that without him my house would still not have flooring.

After that fun stuff was done my mom and my sister helped me clean everything up and move furniture so that I could get ready for party stuff.

The next few blogs in this series will go over the food I had planned on making, what I actually made, projects I made, decorations for the house.