Thankful Thursday- Resale Shops!

Without Resale shops and Goodwill I wouldn't have been able to acquire so many great tea pots!

Now why would anyone need so many tea pots and tea cups... well silly, you must not be reading regularly!

It is okay, you can get caught up by going and reading about the AIW theme that is currently going on.
Now Goodwill, once a month, has a half off day! That is when I was able to score most of the pots. Truthfully, it was over the course of a few months and a few trips to the three different Goodwills around me. Considering I started planning an April birthday in November, I had time.

Now the tea cups... I got a steal on those! There is a local resale shop that profits a battered women's shelter and they have the best stuff, the best sales, AND they mail me coupons! So I go there often. I have all kinds of things in my house I have rescued from there in order to help them rescue women. like my shopping justification there. yeah me too *grin*

It is great to remember the little things in life that make you happy more regularly than only in November!

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