Finish it Friday- Whimsy and Frenzy

Today is once again Finish it Friday!

Dont you hate it when you get started telling a story and something happens and you get cut short. That is kinda what this is. On Wednesday I host a Wordless Wednesday Whirl.

A caption-less picture. A story only half told. I hope that as readership and comments grow Finish it Friday will become an opportunity to highlight captions created by readers on the Wednesday post in addition to sharing with you the story behind the picture.

It is a pin-wheel... In action! The guesses of what it was and then people getting it and then going OHHHH made me laugh :-) Thanks guys!
I think pin Wheels are so much fun, they are carefree and they spin and twirl. Like honeysuckle, pin wheels cause me to time travel.

One comment from the Sarcasm Goddess had this to say about it:
I like it! I feel a sense of whimsy and frenzy at the same time!
I think that hits the nail on the head! Thanks for whirling with me! Come back next wednesday for more pictures and on friday for their words.

I took this picture at a 2 yr old's birthday party.