Free Address Labels

When you find a product you like it only seems natural to tell people about it. That is exactly what I have been doing for the last few weeks after finding and using Vista Print.
 I've mentioned before that I have a business, well that means I need business cards and all types of other things. Postcards are my favorite. Vista Print, after signing up and ordering something sent me so many great FREE product offers.

Now I know that sounds hinky, but really, my best friend and my aunt have heard about how I was able to choose not just 1 free offer but, like 5 and I only had to pay shipping.

That meant I was able to order, for my best friend just starting a business, business cards, thank you post cards, product labels (address labels), a car decal, and myself a self stamping label. Before shipping I spent $5!!! with shipping for all those items it was only $20!

My tip: have someone else proof your stuff too... I didnt and ended up having to reorder the post cards because of a spelling error

Do you see what I spelled wrong. Silly me.... 

But arent they cute! they came out so great. And that was using the images they provide.

If you are interested in signing up and taking advantage of free stuff do it below:

Edit: The offer expired so i deleted its link... but see below

Think outside the box... address labels can be used for all kinds of things:
-"This book Belongs to..."
-Envelope seals
-Product Labels
-Gift Tags

this offer is only for 4 more days. so dont dally.  Edit: This offer is now over. But they still over great deals all the time. Look at this greta deal that is still going on!

valid until 5/18/2012