Finish it Friday- Parking on Paint

Today is once again Finish it Friday!
Don't you hate it when you get started telling a story and something happens and you get cut short. That is kinda what this is. On Wednesday I host a Wordless Wednesday Whirl.
A caption-less picture. A story only half told. I hope that as readership and comments grow Finish it Friday will become an opportunity to highlight captions created by readers on the Wednesday post in addition to sharing with you the story behind the picture.

This week's picture is here.

Of course the WWW had to fit into the AIW theme.

At the local high school one of the ways they raised money for the senior class was selling parking spots. The spots got to be decorated to be distinct and personal.

So my sister and I went out on a hot day before school started and sat in the parking lot and painted.

here is an action shot

Senior year flew by! My little sister is about to start college this fall. I wont be right down the road when she needs me. But more importantly what about when I need her. I look around and there is a lot in my life that isn't complete without my sister. Who would have ever thought having someone grow up would be so hard. 

Come back tomorrow for more of the AIW info! I know yesterday I said I would post follow up pictures today, but back to back softball games wore me out. So Sat... that is when there will be more AIW info.

More parking spot pictures: