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Finish it Friday | Party in a Bottle!

Did you see my Wordless Wednesday post this week? It was another angle of this bottle.

I had some great captions commented for it!

Elizabeth at Single Life 2 Married Wife suggested:: Bottle of Fun!!
Liz at Moms check nyo said:: Message in a Bottle

I called it Party in a Bottle when I mailed it away. I call it Love Mail and you will see that Label more and more in the coming future here at Bit of Byrd.

Elizabeth also asked:: What did you put in there?

Well thank you so much for asking!

To create a Party in a Bottle ::

I got an old water bottle, left the lid off and let it dry out.
I dropped in some sequins.
I made a card and rolled it up. And pushed it in.
I stuffed in some deflated balloons.
I rolled streamers til they were about as wide as the bottle opening. I made two.
I then wrote on a ribbon “Party in a Bottle just for you!” and I taped it to the lid so the ribbon would pull out when they took the lid off.

Now why would someone mail a plastic bottle?! Well it wasn’t my idea originally. I found the inspiration here on Pinterest. The pin takes you over to Givers Log and the posts she has about Happy Mail. Givers Log has a whole series about things that weigh less than 13 oz and are mailed through the United States Postal System. I did some searching and I will share more details later. But bottom line… I mailed a bottle, I paid USPS postage, the bottle got there!

I have recently also Bottle mailed my sister some glow in the dark butterfly tattoos and thumb tacks. I also sent out a lip gloss in a bottle to a customer. I figure it is more memorable when it comes in a unique package. Do you agree? Be on the look out for more Love Mail!

What is the more unique or unusual thing you have sent in the mail?


Thankful Thursday | Being a Romantic

Hosted by The Butterfly Mom
I just watched Elizabethtown. Like many sappy romantic comedies it might bring out my cynical side that thinks there is no real movie love. But then it also brings out the side of me that acknowledges that I deserve movie love whether it exists or not.
Maybe this is part of the reason I am still single. If it is the reason, I am okay with that.
I am thankful that when I walk in the ran I try to take my time and I often think it would be better if someone where holding my hand and trying to pull me to stay dry.
I am thankful that swimming in the summer and cuddling in the winter never go out of style in my mind.
I am thankful that the people I have fallen in and out of like with in the years I have grown into who I am are diverse in their likes, personalities and looks. (well kinda diverse in looks)
I am thankful for cheesy pick up lines that are said sincerely.
I am thankful for knowing that there is someone out there that will pick up on the small things that matter to me and realize that while they might seem small they mean a lot to me.
I am thankful that while I might be cynical I still believe that love is there and even if I don’t find it in the produce aisle on Christmas eve I will find it sometime.

It is great to remember the little things in life that make you happy more regularly than only in November!

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Wordless Wednesday Whirl #15

Cant wait to see your Wordless Wednesday… what would you say about my picture?

Bit of Byrd


Facebook | You’re so Vain

Well maybe it isn’t Facebook that is so vain, but they are allowing vanity links without meeting certain requirements like before.

They are making a lot of changes in case you don’t log in often or … well I am not sure how you would miss them actually.

The changes being made are very obvious and yet not easily explained because I dont personally find the new organization user friendly.

One of the changes that they did make, that I like, is the ability to create a vanity link through the use of a username.

Facebook introduced usernames a long while a go and I signed up for one for my personal page but never noticed a difference.

Personally I think of a username as something I use to log into a website with and I was still using my same login after creating the username.

Now I understand that the username is about the URL, not the login of the account.

Having a vanity URL allows you to have a link that is easy to remember, easy to jot down and maybe easier to search. I don’t know the full validity of that last point but considering that having a blog post with an appropriate name so a search engine can find it leads me to believe that having my Facebook page have an appropriate name in the URL would lend to the same idea.

This being said, go like my Bit of Byrd Facebook page!

Fancy uh! What is also cool about having that is normally I would never be able to remember the long list of numbers that were previously in my URL so I would not be able to link to my Facebook page from a location that does not allow me to see the page. Now I can!
Feel free to also like my Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant Page also if you are interested in my deals, specials, or videos I post.
Facebook has allowed me to be vain in my URL, they no longer require 25 “like”s to get a username. YAY me!
Do you have a vanity link? What did you pick?


Need Your Help | Activity Planning

I still need help with ideas for when my sister comes to town. This is essentially a repost of Traveling to Texas

I have looked at the calendar and she will be here while the state fair is going on.

 ”Howdy folks, Big Tex here”
The state fair is awesome, in my opinion, and I dont often get to go because I am anti going on the weekend when everyone else is there. So the fact I will get to go and share it with my sister… I’m pretty excited. This is the 125th year the state fair has been held!
But I need your help… regardless of whether you live in Texas or don’t… What would you want to do or see if you were here? When you think of Texas what do you think of? Leave me comments with your thoughts!
I am located in North Texas, not to far from the state fair… so things like the Alamo aren’t necessarily out of the question… but are kinda far.
Thanks in advance for your help.


Common Sense | Sometimes Elusive

Copyright (c) 123RF Stock Photos

I am sure we all have met people that dont seem to have all the lights on.

But what about those times, when you are that person? I like to think that I am someone who has common sense and does not often make the obviously stupid choice.

Well yesterday, I did just that.

My mom and I were baking at my house. I have a double oven so it lends to crunch time situations very well. We had heated something up on the stove (I have a ceramic black top). The light was still on saying it was hot, but about 5-7 minutes had gone by.

I was trying to move something from the counter to another are so I could use that spot. That’s when it happened.

I palmed the hot stove. Just just touched it. From my fingertips to the middle of my palm… flat on a … still hot stove.

Instantly I had the realization… WTH was I thinking! My mom was washing something at the sink and I immediately changed it to cold and ran it under cold water.

I hate wasting water and while it seems like an inconvenience to stand there so long. I ran water for about 5 minutes and knew it wasn’t long enough. My hand was throbbing!

The Mayo Clinic says this about a First Degree burn::

 Hold the burned area under cool (not cold) running water for 10 or 15 minutes or until the pain subsides. If this is impractical, immerse the burn in cool water or cool it with cold compresses.

I changed from running to a bowl to converse water. As it got warm I added ice to not waste more water. Let me tell you after about an hour of this… my hand still hurt. I did not follow Mayo Clinic advice after that. I was holding the ice while in the water and then I started holding a jar pulled from my freezer. I would alternate that and cold tap water.

I had stuff I still had to finish for my baking, so my mom took over and I took a shower. That wasn’t fun. I had to take a cold shower because he hot water stung on my hand so bad.

When I got out of the cold shower, it felt a little better. I did Satin Hands and the rest of the evening kept putting the hand cream on. I even woke up in the middle of the night and put it on. (not because I set an alarm but because I couldn’t sleep :-/ )

I woke up and have no blisters and no soreness. There are two areas that look red like I was working in the yard. So happy. It could have been so much worse.

Moral of the story::

Sometimes in life common sense is elusive even from those of us that actually have it. But when that happens don’t try to take the short cut to fix it.

I know the reason my hand did not blister was because I did the cold water for a long as I did…. much longer than 10-15 because I knew my hand needed. I choose to moisturize because it started to feel dry and I figure a dry hand will cause a blister to keep itself moist. Is that proper logic? Probably not, but I am sharing with you my thought process.

Disclosure:: This in no way means you should treat a burn with Satin Hands products and you will not blister or burn. Those products are not intended for treatment of burns but designed to give you soft, touchable hands in three easy steps.” This is simply a telling of my experience with stupidity.

When was the last time your common sense was elusive?


DIY Weekend | No Sew I Spy Bag

Today’s project was so easy. If you follow my blog and my projects, easy is a theme. I love easy projects!

I loved I Spy books as a kid. Even as an adult, my sister and I have played I Spy games via Facebook or other websites.

So when I saw this pin::

I knew I had to make one… or five!
Time: Afternoon
Cost: Less than $5
Skill: Easy :: No Sew

Supplies:: [not all pictured]

- Rice
-Measuring cup (I used 2.5 cups of rice for each bag)
-Zipper Bags with a window (found at Walmart in the office/craft section) 99¢
-Trinkets (nothing with a sharp edge)
-Hot Glue
-Rubbing Alcohol

Step 1:: Pick your trinkets. Lay them out. Take a Picture.

I took my picture on a white piece of paper for ease of editing later. I have 38 trinkets. I don’t have kids, so most of mine were bought. The erasers (cars, sports, pencil), marbles, frogs, the letters were all bought. The rest I had. Each bag was different so I took pictures for each bag. Having the letter in them helped keep them straight.

Step 2:: Measure your rice. Wash your rice. Let it dry.

Wash the rice? Yes. That is what the alcohol is for. How much do you use? I’m not sure. I didn’t do this step and my bags ended up being dusty inside and all the trinkets were covered in a haze.

I used 2.5 cups for each bag. I would put my rice in a plastic seal bag or bowl, add 1/8 cup rubbing alcohol and shake it up.

Lay the rice out to dry on a cookie sheet. How long does that take? idk, I didn’t do that part. remember. Put it in the sun and  I think it will go fast.

Step 3:: Put your trinkets and your rice in the bag.

Did you really need a picture? Sorry.

Step 4:: Hot glue ribbon over the zipper. 

We don’t want this bag coming open! I first glued down the zipper pull. Then I glued the ribbon down. It overlaps and it glued on the back also.

Step 5:: Print your key.

You can see my key for Tristen’s bag here. I plan on reprinting them and laminating them. But the project came together very fast so we used Brittany’s cool printer thing and we printed these pictures and put them in bags to keep them safe for now.

Are you curious if the kids liked them?

These are my crafters. Well, not mine. Brittany’s from The Butterfly Mom. I also made one for my bff Sabrina’s son Carter and my niece Evie. Tristen and Evie are under 3 so I didn’t ask for their review but the other kids were all asked the same questions.

Here are their reviews::

Carter:: Age 7
-My favorite part is… “there is a whole bunch of things and a lot of them are hard to find”

-The hardest thing to find… “the football”
-It would be better if….”if the football wasn’t in it and if you washed the rice”
[when asked if he knew the rice wasn't washed before Sabrina told him he said no. But she said he asked why it was dusty before she told him.]
-A tip to other kids would be…”if they asked me where the football is, I would tell them it is covered in dust. For everything else, when you’re trying to find things keep flipping. Go from the sides and you will get the jackpot”

Courtney:: Age 6
-My favorite part is…   “shaking it to find things ’cause it’s fun.”

-The hardest thing to find… “the little crystal balls”
-It would be better if…. “if it had less rice so my arms don’t get so tired.”
-A tip to other kids would be… “it’s not so hard, just have fun with it.”

Caitlyn:: Age 5
-My favorite part is…  “when I find the stuff really fast.”

-The hardest thing to find…     “the shell.”
-It would be better if….    “if someone helps me.”
-A tip to other kids would be…   “look on the card for what you need to find.”
Tristen plays with it and finds stuff but had no comment. My god-son is 9 months old and he likes the sound it makes when he shakes it.
So there you have it. An easy No-Sew I Spy bag that you can make in no time for little to no cost.
Makes great gifts, and on the go activities. 

Linking up::
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Pinterest Halloween/Fall Link Party!

 How exciting! a pinterest link up for Fall and Halloween!

Link up! Go read the rules and what have you over at Not Just Paper and Glue‘s post about the Link Party.

I linked to the halloween one because I do not have a seperate halloween and fall board.


Finish it Friday | Modern Art

If you came by on Wednesday for my WWW post then you saw a few pictures of bight, bold colors!

What was it?!
Modern Art!
Before I tell you the full story about when I took the picture I will give you info about the art and give you links and such to the museum and artist as appropriate.
The picture was taken at the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth. The piece is by Nancy Graves and is called the Wheelabout and was done in 1985. To see the museum’s picture of it, visit their site here. Their version of the sculpture is lacking compared to mine, IMHO. When looking at some of her work, you can see she loved color. I think my pictures capture that. I also found a blog post by an art student with a formal analysis of this sculpture.
So my story about the Wheelabout….

It starts with a dating site. I had gone out with a guy. He seemed nice and after our second date he told me I kept him at arms length and he didn’t know me. 
yeah, I know.. you just met me!
So I pushed him further than arms reach so that he couldn’t reach me at all anymore. But his comment got under my skin so I decided to go on another date. I was determined to try and be more “open”
Yeah, yeah. Fast forward to me meeting a guy at the Kimball Art Musuem. I’m excited. We are going to see an exhibit I have been looking forward to. I’ll leave out the details of me calling my bff from the bathroom and thinking of ditching; essentially he didn’t think you had to pay to see the exhibit. I thought he bought tickets while I was in the bathroom…nope. He tried to walk right in and then looked at me like I should have had tickets and was shocked when the guard wouldn’t let him in. He even mentioned jumping over a potted plant to get in. lame.
He didn’t have any money. I was not going to pay for both of us. So we ended up walking outside and then I saw on the Modern’s sign that the first Sunday of the month is free. Well, it was my lucky day. So I walked around and ignored him while taking in the art and taking pictures. It was a great day with the exception of an annoying fly that wouldn’t leave me alone and tried to invite himself to my parent’s house for a free dinner.
We didn’t go out again. He did not have free dinner with me. I did not let him kiss me goodbye. Can you believe he tried?! Being open only goes so far.
I haven’t been on another dating website adventure since. But the pictures I took that day are awesome! 
Would love to hear about a dating disaster you had!


Thankful Thursday | An Ear to Listen

I have a job where I talk on the phone to people from all over. I don’t talk about my day time job very much because when I leave work it stays there and I don’t want it to get into my blogging. Take this as a note, if you know where I work and you mention it by name your comment will be edited.
Not to long ago I talked to someone who was sad, and felt alone. They said they felt like they couldn’t trust anyone to talk to. So we talked. Well, I listened. These calls often make me cry, especially if on the other end the person is crying 
I have heard amazing stories and gotten so much interesting advice. I have also heard the heartbreak and lonliness of people that don’t know what life will throw at them next.
I don’t always like my job. I know that is true no matter what job you have, but at the end of the day there are always good points if I choose to find them. As I think of the things that can be overwhelming to sort out what I am thankful for, I pause to be thankful to be that ear to listen. I am glad that when I get off the phone with almost every person I speak to I can genuinely tell them it was a pleasure talking with them. I hope that each person I speak with, on the phone and otherwise knows that I have a genuine interest in what they are saying.
I asked on my Facebook blog page the other day when the last time you took the time to write someone a letter was. I took the time that day. Because I know if someone would take the time to send the person I was talking to a small reminder that someone, somewhere, is thinking of them it would make a world of difference. So many people feel alone, and yet the world is full of people!
Your challenge today is to write a letter. Mail it. Don’t expect a response. Do it because you care about someone. Do it because you want to make sure that you have done your part in making sure the person you love doesnt feel alone like some of the people I talk to.
I am also thankful for the people in my life who have been an ear to listen to the things going on in my life. Everyone has things… and everyone needs someone. 

It is great to remember the little things in life that make you happy more regularly than only in November!

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