DIY Liquid Laundry Soap

Did you see my Thankful Thursday post from today? I hope sure... I am thankful for saving money!

And I am sure you will be too... once you start saving!

Before I tell you how I am going to give you my inspiration link: I found it on Pinterest.

 It took me a great blog, that isnt really maintained anymore. The pictures I am using all came from that blog:: Frugally Green

Now since that post was from 2008, and the price of things has gone up since then I wanted to redo the math.
Frugally Green didn't do the math, but her blogging bff, Green Fridge did (still an active blog btw).

Green Fridge's math said making my own liquid laundry soap would cost .014¢ a load. I did the math, just like she did. And based on current prices I came up with .016¢ a load. Close enough for me and still darn cheap!

So how do you make this incredibly priced liquid soap... so easily!
Time: about half an hour
Cost: less than $15

1/2 cup Borax
1/2 cup Washing Power
1/3 bar Fels Naptha
Water (hot from the tap)

Note:: Washing Soda is not the same as Baking Soda


All these ingredients were purchased at walmart on the laundry aisle and I got a blue bucket for less than 3 dollars from the home side near ceiling fans.

Step 1:
Grate your 1/3 bar of soap. Put the other 2/3rds in a bag to save for next time. I grated it with the smallest holes

Step 2:
Put 6 cups of water in a pan. Put the heat on Low and add the grated soap. Stir until melts. You do not want it to boil.

Step 3:
Once soap has melted, add 1/2 cup of Washing Soda and 1/2 cup of Borax. Continue to stir, not boiling. Should thicken to honey consistency. mine didn't. don't fret, still works out.

Step 4:
Put 4 cups of Hot tap water into your bucket. Then pour in your hot "honey" soap mixture. Stir.

Step 5:
Add 22 cups of Hot tap water (1 gallon and 6 cups). Stir.

The next "official" step is to let it sit overnight. I needed my soap right away. I let it sit a few hours, I stirred it and I used it right away and it was fine. 

I have kept mine in my bucket and stir it before I use it. Frugally Green used a drink container, you could use your old soap container (rinse it out) 

The amount you use per load is 1/2 cup.

When doing the math and determining the cost per load... I also had to calculate how many loads the supplies I bought would make. Taking into account you have to buy a few more bars of soap... 13 batches of soap.
60 loads in a batch.

780 loads!!! for $12!!!!

This is what I bought before... 10.97 for 96 loads... yeah... never again!

And the soap cleans just as well and leaves behind a fresh scent. I am in love and have been telling everyone.
If you want more pictures, pop over to Frugally Green... remember all my pictures today are from there (except the all ad)

Things to know about the soap:: 
-It separates, so a container you can stir or shake before use is ideal
-Don't have a drink container? wash out an old milk jug... be green!
-It will be thicker or thinner depending on the time of year and the weather
-You can add essential oil or scent if you want step 4 is when to do that

Any questions ask away!

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