Need Your Help | Activity Planning

I still need help with ideas for when my sister comes to town. This is essentially a repost of Traveling to Texas

I have looked at the calendar and she will be here while the state fair is going on.
 "Howdy folks, Big Tex here"

The state fair is awesome, in my opinion, and I dont often get to go because I am anti going on the weekend when everyone else is there. So the fact I will get to go and share it with my sister... I'm pretty excited. This is the 125th year the state fair has been held!
But I need your help... regardless of whether you live in Texas or don't... What would you want to do or see if you were here? When you think of Texas what do you think of? Leave me comments with your thoughts!

I am located in North Texas, not to far from the state fair... so things like the Alamo aren't necessarily out of the question... but are kinda far.

Thanks in advance for your help.