Finish it Friday | Modern Art

If you came by on Wednesday for my WWW post then you saw a few pictures of bight, bold colors!

What was it?!

Modern Art!

Before I tell you the full story about when I took the picture I will give you info about the art and give you links and such to the museum and artist as appropriate.

The picture was taken at the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth. The piece is by Nancy Graves and is called the Wheelabout and was done in 1985. To see the museum's picture of it, visit their site here. Their version of the sculpture is lacking compared to mine, IMHO. When looking at some of her work, you can see she loved color. I think my pictures capture that. I also found a blog post by an art student with a formal analysis of this sculpture.

So my story about the Wheelabout....

It starts with a dating site. I had gone out with a guy. He seemed nice and after our second date he told me I kept him at arms length and he didn't know me. 

yeah, I know.. you just met me!

So I pushed him further than arms reach so that he couldn't reach me at all anymore. But his comment got under my skin so I decided to go on another date. I was determined to try and be more "open"

Yeah, yeah. Fast forward to me meeting a guy at the Kimball Art Musuem. I'm excited. We are going to see an exhibit I have been looking forward to. I'll leave out the details of me calling my bff from the bathroom and thinking of ditching; essentially he didn't think you had to pay to see the exhibit. I thought he bought tickets while I was in the bathroom...nope. He tried to walk right in and then looked at me like I should have had tickets and was shocked when the guard wouldn't let him in. He even mentioned jumping over a potted plant to get in. lame.

He didn't have any money. I was not going to pay for both of us. So we ended up walking outside and then I saw on the Modern's sign that the first Sunday of the month is free. Well, it was my lucky day. So I walked around and ignored him while taking in the art and taking pictures. It was a great day with the exception of an annoying fly that wouldn't leave me alone and tried to invite himself to my parent's house for a free dinner.

We didn't go out again. He did not have free dinner with me. I did not let him kiss me goodbye. Can you believe he tried?! Being open only goes so far.

I haven't been on another dating website adventure since. But the pictures I took that day are awesome! 

Would love to hear about a dating disaster you had!