Pinterest | What is all the fuss!

If you are a blogger, or even just someone who participates in some form of social media... or you read blogs, then I am sure you have heard of Pinterest.

Back in June I posted about Pinterest right when I found it. You can read my lame explanation of it's awesomeness here.

Pinterest is regularly my inspiration in my crafting, and my blogging. I am even participating in two different blog hops that are Pinterest related. Check out my blog hops and join in the fun!

Being that Pinterest is the up and coming thing, people are creating widgets and buttons and links. I don't want to get left behind and I want people to see what I have found on my Pinterest page.

So I went over to Widget Box and created my own widget, because there didn't seem to be one in my Blogger interface.  It didn't take long (read as I created a whole widget demoing the "pro" version and had to start over to create a free widget) The free widget does have ads, but I have noticed they don't show all the time. And since the free widget does not have a large amount of options it was simple and fast to create. You makes choices, it writes the HTML. You tell it your blog provider, it customizes it. Easy!
Now my blog shows you what I am pinning! Love it!

Update:: It seems like the widget caused my page to load slow and I would crash for me. So I edited the widget. Still did that. So it has been removed. Seems to work when embedded though. ::Shrug::

Kinda bummed. I will work on it another day.

Here are some  friends  that I like to see what they pin::

Brittany's Pinterest from The Butterfly Mom
Erin's Pinterest from Two More Seconds
Randi's Pinterest from Dukes & Dutchesses

There are soooo many more but these are a great top three to start with... and visit their blogs! If they have awesome pin boards, you know they are great bloggers too... I think that is a safe jump.

Now maybe you are reading this and thinking:: I missed the boat! I don't have a Pinterest and I dont know how to start!

Don't worry. There is still time to be addicted join in! The Weekend Homemaker has a great Pinterest FAQ
So if you want to join in or maybe you signed up and cant get a grasp of what to do next... go check out her post and I am sure you find the meaning of life answers to your pinning questions.