Photos | Name Them!

Let me show you something

These are my recent key word hits:

This is in the last week! So why does this matter to you as a blogger? Well those hits didn't come from my site being the top in the search results.

From most of the keywords I Google myself to see what page  I am on with that keyword...This was found on page six! But I am on that one page twice! 

So since people are not coming to my page from the web search, how are my pictures showing up under and image search.

I name them! Google is smart, but it cant read what is in your picture. It only knows what you call your picture.

Does it seem repetitive? Yes. But is it accurate to what is in the picture? Yes. Would my naming have been more effective without Ribbon and Ribbon 2? Yes, but I even I can hiccup!

If I wouldn't have named the pictures they would have had names like::

ScreenHunter_02 Sep. 19 20.06

WOW!!!! That is so descriptive, I bet I don't even need to show you the picture, you knew what it was... oh, no? Well, you see my point.

With descriptive names, a search engine can scroll you page and see that what you are posting pictures about it relative to the rest of your content and your pictures show up in searches. It also means that if for whatever reason if the picture doesn't load a person can still usually hoover over the area and see the picture name.

Why are search engines so important? Hello? We are in a digital age... when people need to find something they turn to Google and other search engines trying to be like Google (oops, did my biased show?).

The fancy blog term is SEO. Search Engine Optimization. I read an article about optimizing SEO with outbound links. I thought that was cool. My idea is not a new one. People have been writing about SEO and naming pictures for a while.
This page talks about 10 SEO image tips for photographers. Great ideas, and while I am not a photographer I am going to try some out.
Even the Problogger, back in 2005 wrote about this:: Formatting Images for SEO

What does all this tell you? SEO helps you be a blogger dont you want people to find you?

 If you aren't a blogger... just name your pictures so you can remember the vacation or who was in it. A win win all around.