Facebook | You're so Vain

Well maybe it isn't Facebook that is so vain, but they are allowing vanity links without meeting certain requirements like before.

They are making a lot of changes in case you don't log in often or ... well I am not sure how you would miss them actually.

The changes being made are very obvious and yet not easily explained because I dont personally find the new organization user friendly.

One of the changes that they did make, that I like, is the ability to create a vanity link through the use of a username.

Facebook introduced usernames a long while a go and I signed up for one for my personal page but never noticed a difference.

Personally I think of a username as something I use to log into a website with and I was still using my same login after creating the username.

Now I understand that the username is about the URL, not the login of the account.

Having a vanity URL allows you to have a link that is easy to remember, easy to jot down and maybe easier to search. I don't know the full validity of that last point but considering that having a blog post with an appropriate name so a search engine can find it leads me to believe that having my Facebook page have an appropriate name in the URL would lend to the same idea.

This being said, go like my Bit of Byrd Facebook page!

Fancy uh! What is also cool about having that is normally I would never be able to remember the long list of numbers that were previously in my URL so I would not be able to link to my Facebook page from a location that does not allow me to see the page. Now I can!

Feel free to also like my Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant Page also if you are interested in my deals, specials, or videos I post.

Facebook has allowed me to be vain in my URL, they no longer require 25 "like"s to get a username. YAY me!

Do you have a vanity link? What did you pick?