DIY Weekend | Tile Coasters

My cousin recently had a birthday, and moved into a new apartment and I had heard woes about not being able to find just the right color of blue she was looking for.
So when I saw some inspiration on pinterest I decided to make her tile coasters.

Since I was at Brittany's when I actually made them, I had her kids do some crafts too. 

Cost: $1.05 [I already had tiles, just bought the paper]
Time: afternoon
Skill: EASY!
Pinterest Inspiration::

-Mod Podge
-Foam cut outs with sticker back
-Paint brush
-4x4 tiles
-Scrapbook paper
-Plain paper
-Bowl or cup of water [not pictured]
This project was very easy to do in just a few steps. Picking the paper was probably the hardest part lol.

Step 1:: Trace your coaster on to the back of the paper. Cut them out

Tip: When cutting the, cut them a little smaller than your tile trace.

Step 2:: Paint a little Mod Podge on the tile and on the back of the scrapbook paper.

Step 3::  Position your paper, smooth out bubbles. Let sit for 15 min.

Step 4:: Put several top coats of Mod Podge (15 min between coat) until satisfied.

Step 5:: Put foam back on the tiles.

Now at Brittany's I traced the tiles, then I had the kids draw inside the tiles. And I cut those out.

I let the kids peel and stick the foam stickers. And their tiles were very cute!

Only thing I would have done different is... you see the tiles with their names and the date. I wish I would have put a blank paper under it so you cant see the tile. But my lesson.. your tip!

My finished product::

 My cousin loved them! She thought I actually bought the tiles and couldnt believe I made them! And they were the perfect share of blue!!! Made me happy.

The tiles Brittany's kids made were given to their grandma and I am told she also loves them.

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