Common Sense | Sometimes Elusive

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I am sure we all have met people that dont seem to have all the lights on.

But what about those times, when you are that person? I like to think that I am someone who has common sense and does not often make the obviously stupid choice.

Well yesterday, I did just that.

My mom and I were baking at my house. I have a double oven so it lends to crunch time situations very well. We had heated something up on the stove (I have a ceramic black top). The light was still on saying it was hot, but about 5-7 minutes had gone by.

I was trying to move something from the counter to another are so I could use that spot. That's when it happened.

I palmed the hot stove. Just just touched it. From my fingertips to the middle of my palm... flat on a ... still hot stove.

Instantly I had the realization... WTH was I thinking! My mom was washing something at the sink and I immediately changed it to cold and ran it under cold water.

I hate wasting water and while it seems like an inconvenience to stand there so long. I ran water for about 5 minutes and knew it wasn't long enough. My hand was throbbing!

The Mayo Clinic says this about a First Degree burn::

 Hold the burned area under cool (not cold) running water for 10 or 15 minutes or until the pain subsides. If this is impractical, immerse the burn in cool water or cool it with cold compresses.

I changed from running to a bowl to converse water. As it got warm I added ice to not waste more water. Let me tell you after about an hour of this... my hand still hurt. I did not follow Mayo Clinic advice after that. I was holding the ice while in the water and then I started holding a jar pulled from my freezer. I would alternate that and cold tap water.

I had stuff I still had to finish for my baking, so my mom took over and I took a shower. That wasn't fun. I had to take a cold shower because he hot water stung on my hand so bad.

When I got out of the cold shower, it felt a little better. I did Satin Hands and the rest of the evening kept putting the hand cream on. I even woke up in the middle of the night and put it on. (not because I set an alarm but because I couldn't sleep :-/ )

I woke up and have no blisters and no soreness. There are two areas that look red like I was working in the yard. So happy. It could have been so much worse.

Moral of the story::

Sometimes in life common sense is elusive even from those of us that actually have it. But when that happens don't try to take the short cut to fix it.

I know the reason my hand did not blister was because I did the cold water for a long as I did.... much longer than 10-15 because I knew my hand needed. I choose to moisturize because it started to feel dry and I figure a dry hand will cause a blister to keep itself moist. Is that proper logic? Probably not, but I am sharing with you my thought process.

Disclosure:: This in no way means you should treat a burn with Satin Hands products and you will not blister or burn. Those products are not intended for treatment of burns but designed to "give you soft, touchable hands in three easy steps." This is simply a telling of my experience with stupidity.

When was the last time your common sense was elusive?