Giveaway Feedback needed! I'm Puzzled!

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I am looking for the help of my readers.

I am Puzzled!!!

I know you are out there, even if you don't always post or comment.

Those of you who don't post or comment... I need your help the most!

I just hosted a giveaway. A giveaway I was rather excited about, and I enjoy playing with the scrapbook software I was giving away.

MyMemories Giveaway post  is my most viewed post...ever... at my blog with at this time 174 page views. That is in a two week period. I think that is a lot of views.

My question would be... out of those 174 page views knowing they are not all original views only 4 people entered my giveaway. 4 people, totally 17 entries. 1 winner. well hello!? 16 of those entries were from THREE people!

So I need your feedback. Was it not easy enough to enter? Did I not showcase the software well?

Those lurkers...why did you not take a moment to comment and be entered? Was it clear you didn't/don't need a blog to comment?

I tweeted about it regularly without trying to seem over bearing in my opinion. I posted about it on my FB page. I even had it as a banner on my blog so that regardless of what page you were on it was on the top of the page with my dates and a headline saying it was a giveaway I was hosting so people wouldn't think it was advertising.

Have you done giveaways? What tips for success can you offer? Maybe you haven't done a giveaway but you have tips that you would like to suggest. Let's hear those too!

Please comment or email me your input. I am saddened by the lack of turn out for something I thought people would like. I don't enjoy being discouraged, but not knowing what I did or how to improve take some wind out of my sails.