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Wordless Wednesday Whirl #11

Today is semi wordless. I made this using the Digital Scrapbooking Software I am hosting a giveaway for! 
Make sure you enter to win… Or me be coming after yee!!! ARRGGG

MyMemories Giveaway

I am currently hosting this giveaway! 8/29-9/09

click on the image to go straight to the post with the info…

Bit of Byrd

Cant wait to see your Wordless Wednesday… what would you say about my picture?
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Sidenote:: Even if the giveaway is over by the time you are seeing this awesome picture…. you can still use my pomo code for $10 off the MyMemories software AND $10 credit to theMyMemories Store…. That’s a $20 value for using my promo code! 

Promo Code: STMMMS67


MyMemories Free Software Giveaway!

That’s right… A giveaway! That means…a free chance to win something in case you didn’t know!

So what can you win?!

Your own copy of MyMemories Suite Version 2.0.
A great follow up question would be… what is that? or what does it do?

Well MyMemories Suite is a digital scrapbooking software. That means you can sit town and design a whole scrapbook page or a set of pages in no time at all without having the craft room covered in the embellishments and do-dads (I always spill mine…ever happen to you?)

For those of you who love watching videos… go over to Youtube and check MyMemories out.

I personally like paper crafting, but I never seem to get just the right color or I spill everything and there is a big mess. I got to try out the software and you can see the things I made below the entry form.

Entering is simple. Use the form below to get as many as SEVEN chances to win! If you don’t win… or you just want wait to find out I also have a promo code available that will get you $10 off the MyMemories software AND $10 credit to the MyMemories Store…. That’s a $20 value for using my promo code! Winner Winner Chicken Dinner anyone?! I think so!

Promo Code: STMMMS67

<a href=””>You need javascript enabled to see this giveaway</a>.
Here are some of the things I made:



It took about an hour to make the 7 pages. That was with no prior experience with the software. So it was very user friendly when designing and customizing the scrapbook pages.

So my thoughts on the software:

If you are a beginner or an advanced scrapper… you will love this! The embellishments are fun, they offer a lot of kits and preview kits for free and the kits for sale are reasonably priced. Remember that it is all digital, so if you plan on printing it you need to have a 12×12 printer unless you are not making standard scrapbook pages.
If you are someone who likes to make cards… this software can help you make the front of the card amazing. But the option of editing the inside or outside back of the card isn’t there. They also do not have a standard preset A2 size, only A4. I was still able to create an A2 insert by splitting an 8.5×11 page landscape in half to meet my needs.

Overall I really enjoy the features, the ease of navigation and the ability to customize everything with the colors so easily and quickly… without any spills. The option to share my files to a jpeg or to a movie or interactive album is also a HUGE plus to me.
I think the digital scrapbooking software is a great price at $39.97… but remember you get $10 off! AND $10 store coupon.. Just use that promo code… It is: STMMMS67

Good luck in winning! I am going to post a few more things I made tomorrow.


DIY Saturday | Decorating Glass Rocks

Aren’t those cute! And they cost me less than a dollar to make all three!
These glass rocks can be magnets, push pins, or desk trinkets. I did not put the extra stuff to make it a magnet or a push pin… so trinket it is!
I had been wanting to make these a while. My sister last Christmas got a rock painting kit and it was basically these rocks and paint. But they all came out so cute. So when thinking of doing this I Googled to see if anyone had tips. I found Crafty Scrappy Happy’s post about it here. She actually did magnets. 
So here’s how I made mine…

Skill: Easy
Time: 30 min -1hr dry time and multitasking included
  • Flat clear (you could use colored) rocks. Found these at Dollar Tree ::score::
  • Cup of water
  • Paint brush
  • Sandpaper (that is the black block in the corner)
  • Mod Podge
  • Sissors
  • Catalog or Ad or anything you want under a glass rock!
And something to watch while glue dries…
Fake points that you cant trade in for anything to the person who recognizes the show and character lol
I did the whole project in two episodes while uploading pictures to Facebook and doing another craft. So this is very easy and can be quick.
Step 1: Get your catalog, rock and scissors. 
Step 2: Use your rock to troll the pages of the catalog for mini images that fit behind your rock.

An example of a Christmas card… Perfect!
That is what the rock would look like done.
::Side note:: The genius idea I had of using the catalog still impresses me because I was sad at not having a printer and thinking I would never get the size right… and this is recycling and free! 
Think outside the box when looking at the catalog…
Wrapping paper ad… perfect!
Other ads to consider are the ones with sports products where they show all the teams. ::I use two of those further down::
Step 3: Cut out the images you like. But keep excess around the image.
I actually went through and cut out lots of images for different occasions and then sorted them in a baseball card organizer so I always have images on file if I need a rock quick
Step 4:  Paint Mod Podge on the back of the rock and on the image. Go light on the Mod Podge. And then put rock on the image where you want. You can see your image for position if you arent too heavy on the MP.
I did a few
Step 5: Cut excess paper off around the rocks. Doesn’t have to be exact.
Step 6: Paint a layer of Mod Podge on the back and let dry to the touch.
Step 7: Then sand paper the edges until you are smooth and have an even transition around the edge of the rock.
Step 8: Two more layers of Mod Podge and my trinkets are done. 
I might have a back layer of solid paper to clean up the magazine. I havent decided yet.
Overall cost: less than a dollar.
I already have Mod Podge, and all the other supplies. The rocks came about 20 in a bag for a dollar. That is a reasonably priced craft!!!
You can make themes and sets. I am sure you have seen them at the store…
If you’d rather buy them… the ones above can be purchased here.
I’d rather make my own… customize them… and not pay tax and shipping. :-)
If you ever make one of my projects let me know so I can add your picture to my fb page and link to you!
I am hosting a giveaway starting tomorrow… so make sure you come back!

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DIY Saturday | Blog Signature

I like having personal touches on my blog. I like seeing my favorite colors and topics and my favorite people. Like  so many other people when I see something I like… I often want it too!

When I was brand new, setting up my blog I saw a blog that had this really cute personal signature. And you could tell it wasn’t a picture and it may or may not have been their own… but I wanted a signature that showed up by my “posted @… time”

So I emailed that person… on June 1st… and never got a response. I even emailed more than once… I am determined! But no avail. ::sad::

Yesterday in my blog reading I stumbled across Moms Who Blog and her post about a Signature.

So I immediately went over to My Live Signature and set it up. I did two.

The top is created with their stuff and I use that in my blog… but gmail doesnt support html signatures without installing stuff and so I actually wrote the second one using my mouse and that is my email signature.
In addition to using the My Live site I also used BetsShopBoy’s post
His post told me how to add my signature to my blogspot template so it would auto show on all past and future posts… and it is in the spot I want!
Overall a great friday night.
I was going to delete the picture signature I had in all my old posts, but I decided not to… history of where I have been and how I did things before.
I have sooo many DIY posts in my head… so there will be one more today, it is going to be the glass rocks as seen on this week’s WWW


Tweaking on a Friday Night

Not on drugs silly…. tweaking my HTML on my blog of course!

New things to look at….

My new button!

Bit of Byrd

I will have to go around and update my logo in a few different places.

My facebook page has been updated. Go look… and Like me. 
You did that right????
So I just got notified that I have more than 41 ‘likers’? NO? Well then go do it! You are missing out on my posts and other blogs that I find and pins. I dont post everything here… it would overwhelm you.
Then I also have a new signature!
you can see it in the bottom right. I will be posting about how I did that… because I saw someone with it… commented how much I liked it… emailed them and asked how they did it… and never heard back ::bah:: So I will share with you the signature secret.
I have soooo many posts I want to share… I need to make a list before I forget!
Oh and I changed my layout on Wednesday… did anyone besides Brittany notice the change?


Traveling to Texas

If you read earlier this week, here, then you know that my sister Brooke is coming to Texas.

This will be my first time to meet her and it will be her first trip to Texas.

I have looked at the calendar and she will be here while the state fair is going on.

 ”Howdy folks, Big Tex here”
The state fair is awesome, in my opinion, and I dont often get to go because I am anti going on the weekend when everyone else is there. So the fact I will get to go and share it with my sister… I’m pretty excited. This is the 125th year the state fair has been held!
But I need your help… regardless of whether you live in Texas or don’t… What would you want to do or see if you were here? When you think of Texas what do you think of? Leave me comments with your thoughts!
I am located in North Texas, not to far from the state fair… so things like the Alamo aren’t necessarily out of the question… but are kinda far.
Thanks in advance for your help.


Finish it Friday- Rocks

This week’s WWW

It is essentially a painted rock, like my sister mentioned in her comment.

Be looking for this tutorial tomorrow. This picture was ultra simple, It was actually a sticky note taped to the back of the rock so I could see how it works.

When I do a craft that I haven’t tried before I often search around for other crafters that have done it so I can learn from what they did. Because I have never done a craft for the first time and thought, “WOW, that was perfect and I wouldn’t change a thing!”

So come back tomorrow for a DIY Saturday!


Thankful Thursday – Sisters


Are you ready to be confused? I often talk about my sister. I often call people by their title and not their name.. so it might seem odd that I have two sisters. 

Both sisters, Brooke and Apryl I have had… technically since they were born. But I’ve only had the pleasure of knowing Apryl that whole time. I have been lucky enough to start to get to know Brooke over the last year or so.

A lot of my posts recently have been wrapped around Apryl going to college. There is another big event coming up in my life also. I get to meet Brooke! She is visiting in October the week of her birthday.

Brooke is someone who texts me good morning, and reminds me of the good things in life. She loves animals and she is determined and a hard worker.

So today I am thankful that I have more than one sister that can cheer me up and that I can be proud of.

It is great to remember the little things in life that make you happy more regularly than only in November!

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Wordless Wednesday Whirl #10

Cant wait to see your Wordless Wednesday… what would you say about my picture?

I have added some new info about the Wordless Wednesday Whirl. Read about it here.


See you later, Not goodbye

This past weekend my family and I drove down to help my sister get moved into her dorms.

Monday was her first day of classes. She is officially a college student.

The weekend was long and short and filled with fun and free stuff and tension knowing that we would be leaving her there.

::Sister:: As you read this, I want you to remember how proud I am of you and while you continue reading I don’t want you in any way to feel upset or sad.

The week leading up to my sister leaving, each day was harder than the one before to get motivated to do laundry so I could pack for the weekend or do things that I knew would lead up to her leaving. At one point I had to send myself to my room so I could cry, then wash my face and keep going.

The weekend was like that too. There was so much going on there was little time to think about how she was staying and she wasn’t going to be at home the next day. I forced myself to sleep most of the drive home because crying was giving me a headache and while my nose was running I had no tissues.

Today at work, I saw via twitter that she had a good time in classes. I cried. She Facebook messaged me. I cried. I left a message for my MK director telling her about my day. I cried. I talked to my aunt. I cried. I write this blog. I cry.

I don’t cry because I am sad. I cry because I am so excited for her and yet parts of me are worried. But my sister is smart and knows how to make good decisions. I cry because a large part of me is just barely too far away to hug regularly. I cry because I didn’t hug her regularly when she was here.

Maybe I didn’t realize it before, but after this summer I know that my sister isn’t just my biggest supporter and believer in anything I set my mind to… she is my best friend.

And so this weekend wasn’t goodbye… but see you later. and while the time passes between the now and the later I hope that, sister, you fill the time with adventure and friends and fun stories so you will have things to journal, blog and Skype to me about and things to tell me about when you come back.

I know my house isn’t home, but you always have a place to stay.

I love you.