Thursday, December 18, 2014

I'm a horrible housekeeper and a craft dabbler

Someone invites themselves over or asks about 'swinging by' and that sudden panic of my messy house happens.

How is my house NEVER clean? How did I become the hermit that doesn't have people over when I own a billion games and enough party recipe books to cater??

My friend and I were talking this out because they have known me a good long while. They even knew me during my short 15 month apartment stay.

When I lived in the apartment it was clean. Almost always. People stopped over. I invited people over. I had wii game nights. I cooked dinners. It was pretty awesome.

You would think when I moved into my house {cough 6ish years ago} that trend would have continued with more area for activities.

So why has this never happened?
I have thought it over and determined the top reason is I have become lazy. Ouch. I know it is a hard one to admit. While there are a few other valid reasons... most go back to this reason.
The house I bought was not 'hosting parties ready'. It needed some love and work and paint and living in the house while working on it is practical but hindsight being its normal 20/20 self says "hey lady don't start all these damn craft and sewing projects until you finish the house".

Damn hindsight. So that means I have some house projects done. Most started but not finished. And then on top of that I have a now giant accumulation of dabbled crafts.

Now what is a dabbled crafts. It means I was sure I would love working with mosaic tiles. So I have some beautiful glass tiles I bought online. They have been used in half of one projects that is still unfinished.
I also have wood blocks that I cut and sanded because I wanted to make building blocks for my godson before he was born. I'm pretty sure he is turning four this upcoming Feb and the blocks are still in a drawer in the craft room.

Unfortunately the list of dabbled crafts is too long to continue while keeping my sanity.

So I have decided it is purge time.  The problem is obviously all these dabbled crafts had money invested into them. But they are drowning my potential awesome home life.

So do I try to plan an epic garage sale for the spring and make back pennies and dimes to my dollars spent and put all that effort in? try to sell randomness that is really more garage sale worthy online through one of those Buy Sell Trade facebook pages or do I just donate it all to my favorite resale shop?

This is the decision that I feel always cripples my progress. Craft dabbling is expensive and what if after I purge and then I have room to turn a dabble into a full grown craft I have gotten rid of critical supplies and I am buying them again.

Admission. I have duplicates of supplies because craft dabbling takes up so much space I cannot always find everything.

So buying something again because it is now for a full grown craft shouldn't be a problem right??

What do you do? Do you craft dabble? How do you decide what becomes a full grown craft?

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

MMM Monday Hot Chocolate

On Monday it was Hot Chocolate day on the BOB facebook page.

Below you will find the links that were shared in case you missed them.

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Frozen Hot Chocolate Serendipity Style:

Whip up these cute DIY Snowflake Marshmallows as an extra special treat!  -

Hot Chocolate Mix Recipe- It even has pudding it in!

Dairy-free Paleo Hot Chocolate! A warm and delicious treat for the winter months! -

If you're looking for more deliciousness::

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Do you have a favorite Hot Chocolate recipe? Do you make your own marshmallows?

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Kids Visiting Santa 2014

Visiting Santa is intended to be a magically visit where a child gets to express how good they've been and how they deserve a gift or two.

For some kids though it is stressful and horrible. And it is these moments that we laugh at when they are captured.

These pictures were taken with an awesome Santa provided by:

West 7th in Fort Worth set everything up to make the Santa pictures possible.

Have you had a horrible Santa experience? Hop over to my BOB facebook page and share a picture!

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Tips for painted stained wood trim

Trim... Baseboards. Whatever you'd like to call it.
My house was built in '86. And while stained wood accents are nice in certain decor when living outside the woods more than anything it just dates the home. 

So a few years ago I decided I would paint it all white. I did lots of research and started in my guestroom. 

Well. My guestroom got almost done. I havent see the trim in there for a while but I know it isnt done. I think it got primed and the project came to a halt. Why? Because cleaning stuff up was a pain in my butt.

When I did my master closet remodel I did all the trim and shelving in there and what a difference it made. The bedroom made the flip to white baseboards and trim too.

I did the bathroom next. The bathroom is when my painting genuis came out. Not really due to genuis but more laziness.

I hated cleaning the brushes when I was only going to paint for a hour or so. In the bathroom I have three... yup... three door frames. That is a lot of trim work!! I spread the project over two weekends and did it when I had the inspiration (or wanted to avoid laundry). 

These containers from the 99cent store came to the rescue. They come two to a purchase. They screw shut so the paint stays fresh and they are easy to hold. (I also bought my brushes and rollovers at 99CS)

When I saw the paint stays fresh I am for serious. It was a few weeks between the bathroom and when I did the hallway and at least a month (cough or two) between the hallway and when I finally started the living room.


To cover the stained wood I've found oil base primer to work the best and I don't like cleaning it up. So I buy cheap and throw it away when the project is done.

To keep the brushes fresh between coats and projects I wrap them in foil. I have found this keeps them plenty fresh for a project that spans a few weeks.
I only started using the foil during the lving room project so I am not sure how long exactly it will stay fresh, I previously kept the brushes and rollers in the fridge overed in plastic. That worked well for while but my shredded cheese tasted like paint. So that is a no go.

Since both primer and paint are white I use tape to tell them apart. A piece of tape goes on the paint can lid, the container and it's lid, paint brush handle and roller handle. The primer is the one I tape bc in my mind taping is first... Primer is first. 

Having brushes all ready and paint in small manageable containers made all the difference. This is a huuuuge time saver! Not cleaning a brush every time means I can fit in painting into a 30 minute window or less if needed. 

I've found two coats of primer and paint are both needed to cover the stained wood well.

Last weekend I knocked out the last two walls in the living room of baseboards and trim and then I painted those walls and like I mentioned before I painted the walls in the hallway too!!

Here's a sneak peak of the living room in process.

Friday, December 5, 2014

Some picture links are broken

In my new effort to be more bloggy I was looking over themost popular posts and I noticed that the pictures for several posts are not loading.

All the content and links are there but the pictures are all dead.


There are about 50 posts effected unfortunatly. I'm going to start with the most popular ones and then work it out from there. I will let you know when it is all fixed.