DIY | Dishwasher Updates


After my kitchen got an upgrade with paint my dishwasher needed an upgrade too. 

My dishwasher is nothing special. Just an older black model that does a great job cleaning dishes so I see no need in replacing it yet.

So I went to the amazons for products that could help my upgrade.

This is the product I settled on. There was plenty for the dishwasher. However, the roll is not wide enough to cover the front in one sheet.

That means it took two sheets. It doesnt bother me that there is a seam. I did overlap the sheets and it still doesnt bother me. There are some air bubbles. but the improvement from what it was before is so good that I dont stress about the little things.

So for a fraction of the replacement cost the dishwasher got an upgrade. I did this project more than a year ago and it has held up great to cleaning and regular use.

I have a friend who did a similar update on their fridge but opted to use a stainless paint. She also loved the results so there are a few different diy options out there.