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Burglars and storms

I am so glad it is Thursday. It has been a long week.
A week or so ago we had a big storm and I lost a branch from my front tree. You might remember the cool storm pictures I posted.

Anyway there was also a large storm this week and I had a large branch fall in the back yard now. 

On top of the fact that my yard is littered with potential fire wood someone decided they needed the chairs from my patio set more than I did.
You can see one of the chairs on the front yard picture. There were two chairs in the front yard and the other two were in the back yard. Yup, they went into my fenced in back yard and took my chairs and my lawn mower and other things.
oh well. Police report filled and life goes on.
I did add new locks on my shed and back fence and am going to add extra locks to my doors.
Have you ever had something get stolen? What did you do in the future to prevent it?


Loving some new found apps

I’ve been sad about not blogging so much but by the time I get home from work I just don’t want to sit in front of the computer anymore. I’d rather lay on the sofa our do nothing.
But I still want to blog. Yesterday I mentioned that Sarah told me she uses the app so I am trying it out again.
Most of the reason why I always user the computer is because of my pictures and I like having my watermark.
But I’ve found an app for that! First things first, I have a Droid based phone, not an iPhone. 
My newest favorite app is called “add watermark free” here is the link to see it in the Google play store. 
Crazy original name I know. But I love how easy it is to create my watermark once and then I can upload or take any picture, add the watermark and then save it. 
If you have an iPhone there is an app in the app store called iWatermark Free that seems similar but I cannot personally vouch for it.

a cool picture from my phone…
with the watermark… 
Created from my phone… 
With a blog post… 
Created from my phone! Yay


Going mobile

I’ve tried using the blogger app in the past and to be honest it was just really horrible.
But I was chatting with Sarah from Life with the Ladniers and she said she uses the app all the time to stay on top of her blog. Sarah is also the amazing YouTube video creator at the YouTube channel Making Life Simple
So I thought I would give the app another shot.
So far it is much better than it used to be.
So what am I doing right now?
I’m watching LOST. love this show!

What is new with you guys in bloggy world?


Happy Birthday BOB

Today is my blogs 1st birthday! Instead of a post today I decided to share with you a video! This video was filmed and edited by my sister Apryl. She blogs over at Apryl Can Talk, She hasnt blogged lately. College life, exams and all that, but she is very funny.

Be looking for the follow up post with more info about the party and the crafts!


200th Post | 10 most popular

In honor of my 200th post I decided to share with you what the most popular posts have been. Did you know that my blog birthday is coming up soon too? We will be doing another list post on that day.

Most popular posts to date:

And the most popular Bit Of Byrd Post!!!!


Racing in Chocolate | Dirt Bike Cake

A friend of mine has a little boy who just turned 5. At 5 he loves what his dad loves and so the request was made for a “motox” cake.  I had no idea what that meant but after some clarification I found out it meant motocross.
So I did what I always do before planning a theme. I went to Pinterest to see what others had come up with. I was actually a little sad at the “motocross”, “dirt bike” search results. But I made my Motocross Theme Board and started planning.


Picnik replacement FOUND!

My bff Brittany posted not to long ago about iPiccy. Go read her post here.

But it is official. I Love iPiccy! I had been using PicMonkey and it just wasnt living up to Picnik’s greatness. But iPiccy has the features of a collage, layers and easy editing AND the ability of multiple picture uploads. It is FREE and does not currently require a log in or an account.
I created this collage very easily:
Want more info about that cake? See it’s post here

I also created that button at the top.


To the important women in my life

Mothers Day is usually about moms to people. Yeah, I understand why and it is called mother’s day and all. But let’t get real there is more than one person in our lives who deserve a shout out… at least there is in mine.

So today, like I am sure many other bloggers are doing, this post is for those amazing women.

  • My Mom. I wouldnt be here without you. HA. Couldnt resist. Thanks mom for always doing your best and allowing me room to figure out who I am.
  • Aunt B. You dont have to be as involved as you are but you choose to. Thank you for always being there and being supportive in decisions I have made.
  • Grandma. You taught me how to sew a button and how to make bisquits. You taught me an interest in painting and crafts. I wouldnt be who I am today without you.
  • My Aunts. AK, AA. You guys keep life interesting and I know when the rubber hits the road you are behind me 100%.
  • Sisters. Brooke and Apryl. Apryl, my life is ever entertaining with you in it. You are smart and witty and always see the best in me. Brooke, you are so positive and knowing you makes my life better.
  • Cousins. Theresa, Marisa, Michelle, Summer. Life has been a ride. Tears, Laughs, Lemonade Stands, Fashion Shows. I am excited for the one day weddings and baby showers that will down the road. I am so proud of the women you all are.
  • Ms Arens. She doesnt read my blog but she is an important person in my life. She is a caring ear to listen to what is going on and is ever interested in any and every drama of my life.
  • LeeEllen. Stake outs, Taco Casa, Snow Cones and tough times only scrape the surface of some of the adventures and things we have been through together. Thank you for being you.
  • Sabrina. You are an amazing mom to Carter and Huey and I am so glad to have you as a best friend. You are my ‘Brenda’. Brenda is Aunt B. My mom and her have been best friends since 3rd grade
  • Brittany. Sometimes I think you are supermom! Your heart is so big and you are a great mom and I am glad we got back in touch after high school because life without you was kinda dull.
  • Gabby. Some people are with you forever. You have forever changed my life even though yours ended too soon. I think about you often and your memory keeps me grounded in living in the present because tomorrow is not guaranteed.
  • Deb. You are a motivating force. You are constantly positive and I appreciate that you dont give up on me.
  • YOU! So many of my readers are women. And the people I follow on Twitter and I dont want to try and name you because I will leave someone out but know that your comments and your tweets often make me laugh. I love starting my day with positive, uplifting tweets and love hearing from you all.
I am proud to have so many strong women to stand beside me and with me through anything life throws at me. I know that even when life is at its worse I have the best people ever standing with me.
Thank you to each of you for the role you play in my life and know that my life is ever changed by each of you in it’s own way.


Like Lemons? Here is the Cake for you!

I love lemon. But I didnt realize how much I had been stocking up my pantry for this cake until I organized my pantry and found out how many boxes of lemon pudding and lemon cake mix had.

That’s right, 6 boxes of lemon pudding alone! and I had 5 lemon cake mixes! So I decided to make a cake for mother’s day and use my Nordic Ware Pan.

Anytime you are using a pan with details like this one I consider Baker’s Joy a MUST. I love this stuff. It has flour in it so you get an easy release cake.

My Grandma got me a recipe book for Chirstmas several years ago and she put some of the favorites from her stash in it and this is one of them.

See how pretty the cake released from the pan! and I used a lollipop stick (and unused one) to poke holes.
I have a fancy zest tool, Easy Grip Citrus Zester in Yellow. For the glaze I use one large fresh lemon and I zest the whole thing and the juice is just about the 1/4 cup needed.

mmm… doesnt the glaze look yummy!
and then I just added the glaze by spooning it over. This cake is AMAZING the next day when the glaze has soaked in a bit.

TIP: Don’t throw away that lemon. Cut it into quarters and put it down your disposal to freshen it up!

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Texas Storms

The storms here in Texas are amazing. They light up the sky and they rattle the windows. Currently we are under a tornado warning.

I was cleaning my kitchen but when I noticed that my windows were glowing the tornado green color I had to go out and take some pictures for you and share them right away!

Texas Rainbow

Line of the storm in the sky

The sun is still up there
That is actually the color of the sky… no photoshopping or editing.
Hope you have a great friday night!
In the time it took me to update the pictures and post them (about 20 minutes) look at how the sky changed!
Lightning behind the clouds

sun is hiding

Lightning oooh

the clouds churning
oh and btw it took about 300 pictures to get those two of lightning.