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Sesame Street Party | Favors

Parties end with favors and it is important they the theme follows all the way to the end. This is the last of the SS posts. Make sure you check all the other posts this week!

The party favors were an endeavor. I was able to use my Cricut Expression  and do all the cutting here in Texas and mail everything to my bff, Sabrina in GA.

We did get out inspiration from Pinterest.

This was our pinspiration:

Source: via T Byrd on Pinterest

We made our own twist.

She put them together and then when I went out to GA I baked the cookies and we decorated them. She then filled the bags and made them look great.

I was able to find vintage cookie cutters at a antique shop. They do sell Sesame Street Cookie Cutters online if you can’t get lucky like I did.

Update: William Sonoma now has a Sesame Street Line that could help you create your theme. Check them out here

For the cookies I used a sugar cookie recipe given to me from a friend. I will share it with you. :-)
It is my favorite. It doesn’t spread and they are soft and yummy.

Sugar Cookies: bake at 350* 10 min

  • 3 1/2 cp flour
  • 1/4 tsp salt
  • 1 tsp baking powder
  • 1 cp unsalted butter, room temp
  • 1 1/2 cp white sugar
  • 2 large eggs
  • 2 tsp pure vanilla
  1. Combine flour, baking powder and salt in a bowl, set aside.
  2. Beat butter and sugar until fluffy.
  3. Add eggs and vanilla to butter mixture and combine.
  4. Add four combo a cup at a time until dough is smooth
  5. Separate dough into halves. Beat the dough into a ball to get the air out.
  6. Cover with plastic. Chill for a few hours.
  7. Roll to 1/4 in, cut and bake
My friend Nichole also gave me the tip of baking with parchment paper. This allowed us to fly through making sheets of cookies because by the time one pan sheet was done baking I was done cutting the next sheet.

To make the toppers for the bag I used the Cricut Cartridge Sesame Street Friends and Cricut Cartridge Birthday Bash for the lettering.

Cricut DesignStudio Software allowed me to customize each bag top with a child’s name. We used standard sandwich ziplocs. The size of each topper was 7 in wide. I was able to put 6 on a 12×12 page.
The letters were cut from the green and the white showed through. This means she didn’t have to glue down every letter, only the middle pieces for letters like D or O.

I used different pages for the different layers of the topper.

The cookies turned out to be the perfect size for the bags and everyone loved having a personalized bag. We made extras that just said thank you for anyone who came that we weren’t expecting or for anyone who wanted one.
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Sesame Street Party | Cupcakes

Since we have already committed to a theme this far, the dessert will be themed too, of course!
We made cupcakes to make them easier for kids to eat and it gave us some freedom with the theme. 
Check out how much he loved it!

This was the pinspiration for our cupcakes:

Insead of Perils or regular sprinkles we used spinkles that were almost like glitter.

TIP: Since you are only going to make about 6 of each character you DO NOT need a whole lot of each sprinkle color. We bought too much.
Something like Wilton Jimmies 6 Mix Sprinkle Assortment would have been perfect.

For the mouths, tongues and eye brows we used Wilton Sugar Sheets in red and black. They were easy to use. I just cut them with sissors to the shape I needed.

TIP: Cover the whole cupcake with frosting, add the parts that need sugar sheets THEN add the sprinkles.

I put the sprinkles on with elmo first and the mouth didnt want to stick and it didnt lay flat.

Elmo’s nose is a reeces peices. Bert is a Mike and Ike. The eyes were Wilton Candy Eyeballs. For Cookie monster I used an Americolor Black Food Writer Marker on the back of the candy eyes to make them crazy eyes.

For the smash cake I used a small cake pan I had and covered it with frosting and used all the sprinkles that were left on the cookie sheet to make a cake that was almost like confetti since it had ever color on it.

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Sesame Street Party | Food

Don’t stop your theme when you get to food! Make your food a feature! The labels that my best friend made were what made the food shine! Here is what we did with the SS theme for our food.

The labels were inspired from Pinterest.
This was the pinspiration:

I’m going to share with you what our foods were, their cute Sesame Street (SS) names and then some recipes.

Cheese and Crackers:: Ernie’s Cheese and Quakers
Fruit tray and Chocolate Carmel Dip:: Oscar’s Quick Dip in the Mud
Pizza Bites:: Elmo’s Pizza Bites
Goldfish Crackers:: Dorothy’s Goldfish Snacks
Deviled Eggs:: Big Bird’s Squishy Eggs
Little Smoky Roll-ups:: Bert’s Mini Dogs
Vegetable tray:: Grover’s Superhero Veggies and Dip
Cookies:: Cookie Monster’s Milk and Cookies
Sweet Tea:: Zoey’s Sweet Tea
Grape Drink:: Abbey’s Magical Grape Potion

Most of those are intuitive.The pizza bites were my personal favorite. I had never had them before and they were made by my best friend Sabrina. So I’m going to be sharing with you how she made those. Everyone has their own way to make Deviled eggs, but I don’t have a recipe to share for that.

Pizza Bites


  • 2 Tube of biscuits. If the tube makes 8 biscuits, it will make 16 pizza bites. Don’t get the fancy kind. The store brand, not flaky work best.
  • Bag of Mozarella
  • Bag of mini pepperoni

We doubled the recipe for the party.


  1. Get your kitchen scissors. Make sure they are clean. Cut each biscuit into fourths.
  2. After all biscuits are cut take 1/4th into your hand. Put a little cheese and a pep or two on it.
  3. Add another 1/4th to over that.
  4. Add more cheese and pep to the outside. Use your hand to mash it into a ball.
  5. Put bit into a cupcake well. 
  6. Repeat step 2-5 for another bite.

Once you have filled all 12 cupcake wells. Place in oven and cook at 350 for 8-9 minutes.
I know it is very technical. But I think you can manage.

These bites are good warm or cold. They are good plain or with a spaghetti sauce for dipping.

Berts mini dogs

The little smoky roll-ups are so easy they really dont need ‘steps’ You can do it two different ways. Both ways involve store bought crescent rolls. Then you can decide between hot dogs or little smokies.
If you choose little smokies, you need to cut each crescent roll triangle in half up the middle (see visual, example A) If you choose hot dogs you leave the roll like it came out of the package and you cut the hot dog in half (see visual, example B)

you can add cheese to either before you roll them up. They bake at 375 10-11 minutes until the roll is golden.

I personally find using the hot dogs to be more filling and a little easier to cut than the dough. We did not end up making these because we had so much other food so I don’t have a party picture for them.

Update: William Sonoma now has a Sesame Street Line that could help you create your theme. Check them out here


Sesame Street Party | Games

Having great decorations doesn’t mean people will be having fun. You have to have ways to entertain people.
The age range for the party that we threw was 1- 17. Talk about an age range!

We had two main games or activities that were Sesame Street (SS) themed.

Oscar’s Trash Toss and Slimey’s Tattoo Parlor.

Oscar’s Trash Toss was easy to set up. We found an existing trash can in the house and covered it inside and our with foil. We then drew on the details on the outside with a permanent marker. Junk mail made up the trash.
The older kids became our judges and ran the game while the younger kids tried to throw the trash in. It became a competition and they had fun.

Slimey’s Tattoo Parlor was stocked with SS tattoos that were purchased from ebay. An adult maned this station with a bowl of water and a sponge.

The signs for each game were made with a simple poster board cut in half and pastels. I choose pastels over markers because they color was so much bolder.

I also found a Elmo tomato toss game. It was a really cute game where the tomato vibrated and Elmo giggled. You were supposed to pass to the tomato until Elmo stopped laughing but the day before the party the tomato stopped working correctly so we didn’t play it at the party.

Other games that kept everyone amused were air hockey, the XBox and deflated balloons that the children (annoyingly) inflated and then deflated over and over.

Another post will be dedicated to stuffed characters found in each station.


Sesame Street Party | Decorations

Yesterday we talked about how to set the theme before people get to the party with the invite. The next step to set the mood is with decorations. So our SS theme continues!

Party City had SS decoration half off! That is where the hangers, the theme table cloth and the high chair set came from.

We mixed solid colors from the Dollar Tree to cut costs and to make sure that SS was the star of the show.
Each table had a character featured.

Where did I find the characters? Well I did not buy them new and spend $15-$20 on each one! I went to antique shops and Good Will and resale shops. I was able to find all the characters in one afternoon and I spent no more than $20 for all of them! 
This is where you have to plan ahead so you aren’t searching around at the last minute. You need to decide what characters are important to your party and start the search. Get others involved too so they can keep and eye out.
Now, not every character will be found. Like Slimey, Oscar’s best friend/pet worm. So we made him!
We made Slimey with fleece.
As seen in the picture, he was just strips put together and then his head was a half oval. The eyes were a white button and a black button sewn on top of one another. 
Slimey does have a wire hanger inside of him so that we could make him do the classic Slimey stance instead of just laying there. I then hand stitched the tattoo  on him since he is ‘running’ a tattoo shop.


Sesame Street Party | Invites

A party always starts with the invite. This sets the theme for everything!

The cards was inspired from Pinterest like many other things you will see this week.

The pinspiration was:

Looking at the pinspiration and the invite that I made I wish I would have popped the faces out with a pop dot. But craft and learn.

The pinspiration card was made with all punch cuts. Since I have a Cricut Expression I wanted to use that instead of buying something new.

After laboring away to create that scallop shape I found one already made on a cartridge. I was a little frustrated by then. The scallop can be found on the Cricut Cartridge Birthday Bash under the letters, shift. It is intended to be a tag, but if you have the Cricut DesignStudio Software then you can hide the tag holes and it will be a solid scallop.

For all the other faces I used the Cricut Cartridge Sesame Street Friends. It was a PAIN to get the faces the right size but I was so happy with it. Each face also had a million pieces.

Hindsight I dont really like the way Bert and Ernie came out but I love Oscar and The Count.
To make the can lines for Oscar’s square I used a paper trimmer with a scorer ‘blade’.
My card was about 5×4 and fits into a standard A2 card envelope. My interior squares were 1×1

I am going to be doing this theme again in the summer for my niece and I think I will make the card with only  4 characters and take out Bert and Ernie.


Theme Week! What is the Theme?

Like I mentioned yesterday this week is going to be theme week!

The theme has actually been mentioned before in this post.

This week is going to be a marathon of Sesame Street (SS)! We are going to go through setting a theme with the invites all the way to the party favors and how we did it with SS and didn’t break the bank and were creative in doing it.

These are the posts included in the series:
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Sesame Street Party | Decorations
Sesame Street Party | Games
Sesame Street Party | Food
Sesame Street Party | Cupcakes


Happy St Patty’s

Hey Bloggy Friends!

I drew this picture for you. Hope you have a great St Pats. I have made corned beef and cabbage and will be drinking green beer later tonight.

My grandmother’s maiden name was Kilbane. So I have Irish in me and I think holidays where people get into it are so much fun. I love how everyone wears green.

I also want to let you know that this upcoming week is going to be brought to you by Bit of Byrd and the letter of the week will be J and the number of the week will be 1.

Can you guess the theme for the week?! I’ll tell you tomorrow ;-)