When Pigs Fly and things to come

Did you see my Wordless Wed Whirl picture this week?

I got that little guy at the company health fair. The desks around my office are littered with little pigs. My little pig needed an extra boost.

So taking the floss I also got at the fair I cut a pair of wings for him and tied them onto his cute little body.

Thanksgiving is right around the corner... So things to watch for in the next few posts include RECIPES!

-Sausage Stuffing, which is low carb as it has no bread in it
-Candy Bar Pie
-Franks Buffalo dip
-Marshmallow salad

Do you have a favorite recipe that you serve on Thanksgiving? I always make a key lime pie and deliver them to an aunt's house. My mom also really likes pecan pie. Like I mentioned in an earlier post... Betty Crocker and I bake together each year for thanksgiving.

Cant wait until the new recipes come out? Check out past recipe posts.

On another topic... I need your help! Do you know or have an 11 yr old boy in your house? I might be helping with a party for an 11 yr old boy and I dont know any to ask what kind of music do they listen to and what kind of party games would be good? it is going to be a mixed party because the mom says most of his friends already have girl friends gasp
Any help you could lend would be great!