Power Cleaning

From my last post you might have gathered Im something of a slob.

I dont really want to claim that as truth. I think I have fallen into some poor habits since moving into my house and having so many other domino projects.

So to help get everything back on track I have been power cleaning.

Power cleaning is where I set the timer on my phone to 20 minutes and clean in one room or area until the timer goes off.

20 minutes isnt a crazy amount of time but a lot can get done when you are focused for that short period of time.

Last night after work before going to bed I decided to power clean the kitchen and living room so I would have a jump start on cleaning for the weekend.

Granted now I am sitting in a semi clean living room not cleaning anything else wishing for a nap at an early ten am and have plans all afternoon but I am still glad some power cleaning got done.

I will probably power clean the bedroom and bathroom today. Start with the bathroom so when I run out of things to clean in there I will just go to the bedroom.

Do you ever power clean? Do you set the timer for a different amount of time? I think power cleaning could help motivate your kids to get it over and done with like a race.