I have more than one PhDs

I am the queen of starting an awesome project or getting all the supplies for a project and then never finishing it or sometimes starting it.

I never want to list them on my blog because they are usually gifts but at this point I do not want to purge my craft room and get rid of stuff before I finish the projects I already planned.

Then there are some projects that I never finished because I am not in love with the project anymore. So those things will be subject to the purge.

What projects are on my list before the purge? Check them out below... in no specific order::

1. Emergency Chocolate Craft on 30 Minute Crafts -

2. Julie 2 how to 2 What Julie Did...  Decorations, plates and don't forget cakes! - 

3. Homemade vicks shower disks  - 

4. Some People are worth Melting for Christmas Ornament
(Here's where this project is mid stream)

This is a project where I mashed several other projects I found to make it my own. I hope for it to have a tutorial but it will most likely be after Christmas :-/

5. Witty Hand Painted Coir Welcome Mat - hi. - Choose Your Color.  - 

6. DIY Painted Kitchen Towels | Addicted 2 DIY Add some humor to your kitchen with these stenciled towels -

I fell like there are so many more than these but most of those are sewing related and I just know I don't have the time for those right now and realistically something like a quilt isn't expected to be knocked out super fast.

So what do you think a good deadline for these projects are? Remember I already have all the supplies for all of these LOL. I think if I set aside a weekend of even just a Saturday of crafting I could get a good amount of these done.

The house would have to be clean first and all the supplies already gathered.

I think that will be my next step is gathering all the materials for each project and putting them together so when I'm ready it will all be there.

Current completion deadline for all of these. End of Jan 2015.

Wish me luck!