2014 Christmas Tree

My Christmas tree is up!

I found these adorable disco ball ornaments at Big Lots. I found them due to someone in my IG feed posting them. I love them.

Before I put my tree up I also tore through my living room and got all the baseboards painted white and I got the walls painted from dirty white to a nice neutral color.

You might recall I was painting the baseboards in the hallway a while ago. That got done a while ago. I actually painted the walls in the hallway this weekend too. Still need to paint the closet and that will be a beast. But the hardest part of any project is just starting!

When I did the living room I did it two walls at a time. So I pulled all the furniture to the middle of the room. Swept. Cleaned off the baseboards. Taped. Then primed twice and then painted two coats. On the first two walls I had I also had three large windows so those windowsills got done.

I'll share some painting tips for a big project like this. Since I am doing it piece by piece it was important to just fit it in when I could.