Diy Weekend | Saw Horses

I have been painting the trim in my house bright white room by room. It was a stained wood originally and it makes everything feel dark. 
Well I noticed once the trim was white the doors looked very dingy. They are a beige color. Ugh. 

So the doors need painting too. So I did some googling and found instructions and made these!

I'm very happy with them. It only cost me about $14 because I already had the nails and screws. 
I also made all my 2x4s 30in in length and used the 7.5ft boards instead of 16ft boards. 
I did the math and it was cheaper that way. Go figure. I needed 5 boards at about $1.60ea. 
My only tip is hammer the top nails on the leg in a bit to get then started and then place the board and finish hammering. 

Here's the pin to the full instructions: