Diy Weekend | Bathroom Trim

All the baseboards and door frames and trim in my house is stained wood. 

I mentioned that before and how it makes the house look dark. My master bedroom has already gone white. The guestroom is half done {that room seems never ending} but I decided to work on the bathroom next. 

It is the most concentrated amount of trim work because there are three doors in that room. 

I built the saw horses and then spent a lazy afternoon doing not much else. Then I kicked it into high gear and got all this done:

I tapped the baseboards off. I removed two doors. I taped off the hardware spots. Then I put wood filler in all the gouges. I also caulked the baseboards against the wall. 

Let all this dry overnight. Sanded and painted the next day. 

Well I had to prime first. I prime with an oil base primer I find it to work amazingly to cover the stained wood. 

I got two coats of primer on almost all the trim except one spot where I missed the need of wood filler. I also got two coats of primer on one of the doors. 

See what a big difference it makes and that's still just the primer!