I removed Popcorn Ceiling

I decided to model my bedroom. I would call it a remodel. But it's never been modeled.
And saying I'm decorating my bedroom makes it sound like it is just paint and a new comforter.
Those things are part of it. But there is so much more.

I spent the last week or so emptying the bedroom of all the furniture. And then I emptied the closet into the bedroom.

Let me tell you... You never realize how much STUFF you own until you move it all.

My closet is actually pretty big!


I don't really have a before picture of the popcorn ceiling. But we all know what it looks like. Chances are you could look up right now in your own home and see it.

Here is my after:

Doesn't it look good!
That is after it is scraped and painted.

I found this awesome pin that takes you to View Along the Way. I love that blog. Great stuff over there. I followed her how to and now have a beautiful closet ceiling.

I'll show you the DIY light fixture in my next post!