Favorite Pinterest Costumes for 2013

I cannot believe Halloween is already right around the corner! I pin costumes all year long. People have theme parties and events and find stuff or post great things all year so you have to pin it when you see it.

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Here are my favorite costumes for 2013 from my Pinterest board Costumes.


Tink and Rainbow Bright! from Pink Suede Shoe

Daria! Love it!

SIMS! I dont know about you. But I loved Sims and this idea cracked me up!

Elliot & ET Isnt this just too sweet!

Chi Chi Chi Chia Pet Dog! This is actually made by Me! So you can find this post here.

Common Down... You're on the Price is Right!

Mrs Frizzle!! I loved The Magic School Bus, What a cool idea for a science teacher.

Mario Cart Group Costume! This would be a cool costume for a fall fair.


Well that's my list. I noticed after I put them together that I am kinda stuck in the 90s :-)

Have you picked a costume yet? Do you Pinterest as your inspiration?