DIY Etched Cake Dome

A coworker got married recently. Their registry was full of gorgeous glass etched dots.
I bought them a cake dome/plate they registered for but thought it would be cool to etch it to match their other stuff.

I got the okay since etching it would make unreturnable. Then I dove in.
The goal was to match the Kate Spade glassware:

And Mikasa glassware:

I used my circuit and the Craft Room (online design studio) to create the contact paper for templates.
I actually just used the letter O in different sizes.
After the templates were cut. I cleaned the glass with alcohol.

I didn't measure the spacing for my dots. I put the largest on the bottom first. Put one on. Turned to the dome and matched it on the other side. I did that with all six dots.
Then the smaller ones just went up vertically.

The dots in the curve needed some tape to make sure the edges held down. Then it was time for etching.

I use armor etch. I apply it with an old paint brush. I also brushed it around after it was applied to make sure I got good coverage.

After about ten minutes or so I put gloves on and rinsed it off in my sink. The stickers come off in the rinsing usually too.

I love how it turned out. So much I have several pictures because I couldn't pick just one!

Glass etching is a really easy way to make a gift custom. Have you tried it before?