DIY Closet Lighting

Yesterday I showed you how great my closet ceiling looked sans popcorn.

Well a pretty ceiling needs pretty light too!

So I did some pinterest searching. You follow me right? Follow me!
Anyway. I found this great pin about using a basket and thought: I can do that!
The blogger who gives the tutorial is Liz Marie Blog.

My closet already had the base. I had a basket from Dollar Tree. I had silver spray paint. I only had to buy the extender. I also replaced the bulb. But that was preference, not need.

So this cost me $3!

I took off the old base and sprayed it silver.
{use caution with electricity and don't shock yourself}

I was able to cut the basket with nail clippers. And I put my extender in.

The extender was a cool idea but I had a hard time finding it in the store. It is where all the switches and electrical boxes are. It isn't with the lighting or bulbs.
Once I put it up. I loved it!
Here's a close up with the light off:

There you have it. Basket lighting.

Have you made any of your own lighting? I think I might do this same thing in my laundry room when I finally get to that project lol