Chia Pet Dog Costume

It is October and that means costume time!

A friend asked me if I could make a Chia pet costume for her dog Harley. I'd seen it on pinterest so I said Sure!
Of course while making it I said "Cha Cha Cha Chia" about a million times. Lol

I provided her the link to the creator of the costume, The Flirty Girl,and her how to. You can find it here.

For the most part I followed her steps. The biggest difference was the plants I used.

She used plants intended for an aquarium. Read: expensive!
I found squares of artificial grass at The 99 Cent Only Store. score

I also did not cut the felt horse cloth and insert the grass. I sewed each piece on individually. The back of the cloth looked like this:


Each piece of the grass had a plastic hoop on the bottom so it made it easy to attach it. I would knot the thread after attaching a few.

It took 6 squares of grass. Each grass square had 64 pieces of grass. It was a lot of sewing. Lol. It took about 4 days of sewing while at work. So not bad.
Here's an in progress picture:


Remember how I said the aquatic plants were expensive... My friend had bought all the supplies {I was just the labor lol}. Each plant was about $6-$7. She had bought SIX based on the original how to suggestion.
Each square I used.... Cost 99 CENTS!

She was able to return all the aquatic plants to save that money!!

In the original how to she used a piece of elastic to connect the cute leg pieces on the back. I used scrap felt. One less thing to buy.

His little feet were super cute too. See:


Sadly Harley didn't win his costume contest. :-(
Do you dress your dog up? Do you usually make their costume?

And just because he's so cute here's a few more of Harley and Harley's mom, {my friend Shannon}.