Pi Dish for Pi Day | Free Downloadable Cricut Cut File

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Happy 3.14! Pi Day!


I don't know about you but I love pie and math isn't really so bad either.
I'm going to share with you a Pi Dish craft and a free downloadable .cut file for your Cricut. Yay!



-Cricut DesignStudio

-George Basic Shapes Cartridge

-Contact paper

-Glass Pie Dish

-Glass Etching Cream


1. When you put your contact paper on your Cricut mat you are not peeling off the paper backing. You leave this on and place the contact paper paper side up! If you turn it the other way then your design will be backwards. The design is being etched to the BACK of the glass dish, not the inside.

2. Open the .cut file in your Design Studio. Make sure your Cricut is hooked up. Mat is inserted. Tell it to cut!

3. After your design is cut. Peel the paper off and place your pie dish on your contact paper while still on the mat. This allows you to center your design. {I did not worry about peeling off each number because those can stay on the mat}

Contact paper on dish


I peeled the mat away from the dish, turned under the edges around the pie dish. I had to straighten out a feel bubbles in the contact paper but overall it came out clean. You could do this step multiple ways. This is just how I did it.

{make sure you don't lose or leave behind the insides to your 4, 8, 9s, or 6!}

After you peel your paper off your mat might look like this...

Pi Dish Contact Paper Trash


4. Now it is time to apply the etching cream. Armour Etch Cream is what I use. It can be purchased at most craft stores. Apply it liberally.

Apply Etching Creme


{do you see the thinner areas on the Pi symbol... that DOES come through in your etching. So try to make it as even as possible.}

5. Let this sit according to directions of the product you choose to use. {I let mine sit for 2 hours because I wanted to make sure the etching took and was easier to see}

6. Rinse the etching off with water. The contact paper will peel off at the same time.

{The chances of getting the contact paper on again... in the same spot are almost impossible... so this is a one shot thing. That's why I left it on so long.}

Then you get to admire your work!

Pi Dish Glass Etching

I sent this dish to my grandfather. He is an avid lover of Pi and Pie. He found the dish amusing and appreciated the gift. I also sent another to a friend whose husband also appreciated it. It makes both a great gift and addition to your own kitchen.

I already owned all the supplies except the pie dishes. So to make two dishes this project only cost me $10!


If you would like to make your own... Download the .cut file {HERE}

Pi Dish Cut File Preview

Preview of the .cut file.

Note: This was the first .cut file I made with the intention of sharing and I didn't think about the logistics of using all one cartridge being easier and better for others. So the Pi dish in my images is not EXACTLY the same as the download. I had to change out the right tail of the Pi symbol  in the download offered from an Ashlyn's Alphabet character to a George Basic character for consistency and easy of use. Thanks for understanding.

If you prefer the .cut file I used and have both George and Ashlyn you can download that .cut file {HERE}.

If you are looking for other ways to celebrate Pi day... why not make a pie?! Check out how to make a Mini Pie in a Jar or make a Candy Bar Pie!