Hall Closet Redo Complete

One of my 2013 Projects is done! {Click here to see the rest of them}

Here is my hall closet all organized!

Hall Closet After

I know it still looks really full... but you might not remember where it started from:

Hall Closet Before


The games got stacked better. There was a box of magazines that has been put in the shed. The small white bucket on the left was paints that needed to go to the craft room.

The gaming stuff has been relocated to be closer to the TV so it will be used more.

Now there are actually towels in my linen closet!

I added this towel rod:

Hall Closet Towl Rod


my 2013 Project Board on Pinterest is where I got my inspiration.

Source: bhg.com via Teralyn on Pinterest


I know theirs is prettier. But eh. Mine is functional for what I need it to be.

The rods that I used in my closet are from Ikea. Called Bygel Rail 21 3/4, found in the kitchen rods not down stairs with drapes. $2.99 each! {Happy Dance}

They didn't come with hardware and I found this video about how to install a closet or towel rod on a hollow core door {here} and it talked about using anchors. Off to HD I went.

It is crazy that they try to sell a set of 4 anchors and screws for $3; 14 for $7 and 100 for $11.

Screws and Anchors

These anchors are designed to hold at max 51lbs! The head of the screw fits perfectly into the towel rod I purchased. It even came with the appropriate drill bit! and since it is a 1/4" it is a pretty standard size that I will be able to find many uses for around my house. I was pretty happy with it.

Since the cat box is now in the closet I needed to put a cat door in.

Hall Coset Cat Door


Took no time at all to put in with the right tools. {a drill and a jigsaw}

I did a few other things that I will be showing you soon but I am glad that the cat box finally has a home and that the closet is done! What did you do this weekend?