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Over the Hill Theme Pins

If you caught yesterday's post about my mom flying over the hill then it comes as no suprise that today's theme of Pins that I love is Over the Hill!

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Well now onto my favorite Over the Hill themed pins. These are only a few from my Over the Hill Theme board. I love party ideas so several of my boards are theme ideas.

Candy Filled pill bottles.


Denture Ice.


I know she is 50... but I have this cartridge

Cricut Over the Hill Invites



The Golden Thrown

oh this makes me giggle!


Depends-Viagra Cake

LOL I wont be making this but it sure makes me laugh


 Depends Diaper Cake

OMG- sooo funny!


remember to practice proper pinning and go to Pinterest to repin it instead of this picture on my blog.


What do you think about these ideas? Any of them too over the top for you? Do you have any other ideas you want to suggest?