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I have sisters on both coasts and I live in Texas. So I see them rarely and miss them often. I got these great mugs as a gift and wanted to share them with you because they would make a great gift for someone you are missing.

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My sister in Massachusetts sent me these awesome mugs for Christmas. They are large soup mugs and each have a lid. You want a close up? I thought you might.

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She is there in Mass...


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I'm here in Texas.

Aren't they cute?! I LOVE them! My sister that lives in Seattle was jealous of them because she appreciates a good mug.

I asked Brooke how she made them and she said they were so easy. She used a permanent marker. Drew her design. Then baked them to set it.

She said they might be dishwasher safe but to wash them by hand to preserve them the best.

I found a pin with the directions:


Go check it out if you are interested. This is much cheaper than buying the glass paint like I have done in the past. lol

If you make some share the link in the comments!