Blogger to WordPress | How I Made the Change

If you've been reading Bit Of Byrd for a while then you have seen a different looking BOB a while ago.

Bit Of Byrd's Old Look


What do you think of the new look?


Well there is more than just the look that has changed. Here's how I decided to make the change...

Well, I follow and love to read a blog called Addicted 2 Decorating. The lady who writes and creates at A2D is named Kristi. Kristi herself used to run her blog through Blogger and came to the conclusion it wasn't the best for her or her blog anymore. She writes about that choice here.

Since I love seeing her stuff and reading her posts I naturally roamed around her blog and found her whole blogging section called Addicted 2 Blogging. After reading some of these posts I decided that I did want the freedom and potential that WordPress offered over Blogger. So I Goggled who could make that change for me. I emailed about info and that company wanted for charge me almost $300!

I decided I don't make money from my blog to cover that so I wasn't spending that. Then I stumbled upon a button from Kristi's blog...

How To Move Your Blog From Blogger To WordPress

Well That is exactly what I needed... a step by step guide! However, I didn't have confidence in myself and when I saw that Kristi also offered to do the conversion at a reasonable price I emailed her for details.

Ultimately I decided I could do it. So I bought it. I read it and I made a plan to make the change.

I am not going to tell you the steps. But I will tell you they were easy to follow and I was able to complete the process in a day! I only had one step where I needed clarification. I emailed Kristi and she got back to me so fast.

Since I did need clarification I will share with you what I asked. For Step 20 the steps to set up your feedburner were given if you used the template Kristi prefers but I am using a different one. I emailed her and she got back to me right away letting me know that she has had success with a plug in called "FD Feedburner Plugin" before and so that is what I am using.

I know to my average reader that comes to see my craft projects or recipes this is all nonsense. But for some, like me before I made this change... this type of info is invaluable! I have been with WordPress a week and I already LOVE it.

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